Download Node.js 16.18.0 (LTS) / 18.11.0

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Node.js is open source and cross-platform, and is aimed at developing server-side web applications. Those applications are written in JavaScript and executed within the Node.js runtime on the server. It offers an event-driven environment where non-blocking I/O has been an important starting point. For more information about Node.js, see this page. The development team has versions 16.18.0a version with extra long support, and 18.11.0 released. The most important changes that have been made in both versions are summarized below for you.

Node v18.11.0 (Current) Notable changes

  • watch mode (experimental): Running in ‘watch’ mode using node –watch restarts the process when an imported file is changed. Contributed by Moshe Atlow in #44366
  • fs:(SEMVER-MINOR) add FileHandle.prototype.readLines (Antoine du Hamel) #42590
  • http:(SEMVER-MINOR) add writeEarlyHints function to ServerResponse (Wing) #44180
  • http2:(SEMVER-MINOR) make early hints generic (Yagiz Nizipli) #44820
  • lib:(SEMVER-MINOR) refactor transferable AbortSignal (flakey5) #44048
  • src:(SEMVER-MINOR) add detailed embedder process initialization API (Anna Henningsen) #44121
  • util:(SEMVER-MINOR) add default value option to parsearg (Manuel Spigolon) #44631

Node v16.18.0 (LTS) Notable changes

  • [1cc050eaa8] – (SEMVER-MINOR) assert: add getCalls and reset to callTracker (Moshe Atlow) #44191
  • [e5c9975f11] – (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto: allow zero-length secret KeyObject (Filip Skokan) #44201
  • [317cd051ce] – (SEMVER-MINOR) crypto: allow zero-length IKM in HKDF and in web crypto PBKDF2 (Filip Skokan) #44201
  • [f80bdc5ef3] – (SEMVER-MINOR) doc: deprecate modp1, modp2, and modp5 groups (Tobias Nießen) #44588
  • [8398e98b1b] – (SEMVER-MINOR) http: make idle http parser count configurable (theanarkh) #43974
  • [2cd2f56962] – (SEMVER-MINOR) http: throw error on content-length mismatch (sidwebworks) #44378
  • [6be761e8a9] – (SEMVER-MINOR) lib: add diagnostics channel for process and worker (theanarkh) #44045
  • [1400796cef] – (SEMVER-MINOR) net,tls: pass a valid socket on tlsClientError (Daeyeon Jeong) #44021
  • [092239a7f1] – (SEMVER-MINOR) net: add local family (theanarkh) #43975
  • [381e11e18e] – (SEMVER-MINOR) report: expose report public native apis (Chengzhong Wu) #44255
  • [2ba547aa5b] – (SEMVER-MINOR) src: expose environment Request Interrupt api (Chengzhong Wu) #44362
  • [6ed3367155] – (SEMVER-MINOR) stream: add ReadableByteStream.tee() (Daeyeon Jeong) #44505
  • [0fbedac6ce] – (SEMVER-MINOR) test_runner: add before/after/each hooks (Moshe Atlow) #43730
  • [70563b53c5] – (SEMVER-MINOR) util: add maxArrayLength option to Set and Map (Kohei Ueno) #43576

Version number 16.18.0 (LTS) / 18.11.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11
Website Node.js
License type GPL
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