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On Home of nuhi is beta version 0.99.1 of nLite appeared† This program can be used to customize a Windows 2000, XP or 2003 installation CD. For example, unused components can be removed and service packs can be slipstreamed. This creates an installation CD that is up-to-date and has enough space to add your own programs and drivers. If everything has been adjusted to your liking, the whole can be written to a bootable iso file. The program is written in C# which makes it necessary to use the Microsoft .NET Framework installed to have. Posted below are the changes from the 0.99.1 beta release:

what’s new:

  • Fixed tcpip patch applied with KB884020
  • Fixed reported page selection issues
  • Fixed hotfix selection bug
  • Fixed driver integration long-name subfolders integration
  • Fixed driver integration exception popup
  • Fixed some sata/raid integration issues
  • Fixed gui display on larger dpi
  • Fixed Quicklaunch folder not created
  • Fixed Windows 2000 support
  • ryanvm’s hotfix pack integration support
  • post install cleanup removed
  • new translations

component removal:

  • 16bit Support


Version number 0.99.1 beta
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website nuhi
file size


License type Freeware
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