Software Update: NewsLeecher 5.0 Beta 2

NewsLeecher has released the second beta release of version 5.0 of its eponymous program. With this program it is possible to download files from newsgroups in a simple way. The program supports nzb files, has a so-called SuperSearch, and can automatically check downloaded files for integrity and completeness, and then extract them independently. New in version 5.0 is, among other things, that tabs have been added to the SuperSearch. Furthermore, there is now a SuperSearch Watchdog and they are working hard to improve the user interface. Here is the changelog for beta 2:

New features:

  • Major Feature Addition – SuperSearch Watchdog
    The SuperSearch Watchdog feature automatically spots freshly indexed article collections in your SuperSearch search results. “Freshly indexed” means that the article collections were indexed by the SuperSearch indexer *after* your prior similar SuperSearch search was performed. The purpose of the watchdog feature, is to make it very easy to locate the SuperSearch article results you haven’t already browsed.
  • (Re)Implemented checkbox support for browsing Usenet groups. The checkboxes are used for loading and unloading the Usenet groups.
  • Added an ‘Edit Bookmark’ feature to the SuperSearch and the Explorer Bookmarks bars. The new feature can be accessed from the bookmark buttons right click menus.
  • New SuperSearch TAB navigation shortcuts: The Ctrl+T keyboard shortcut, can now be used to create a new SuperSearch search tab. The Ctrl+W or Ctrl+F4 keyboard shortcuts, can now be used to close the active SuperSearch search tab. Shift+Tab and Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcuts, can now be used to switch back and forth between SuperSearch search tabs.
  • Added a ‘Data received per day’ statistics column, to the ‘Servers’ view.
  • Added an ‘Add Selected PAR2s to Repair & Extract’ feature to the ‘Explorer’ views toolbox menu.

Improved features:

  • Major GUI Improvements
    Lots of GUI improvements. We’re currently working hard on making the NewsLeecher GUI even faster,slicker and less resource hungry than it already is 😉
    Besides using considerably fewer system resources when handling the NewsLeecher GUI, this specific beta also removes all ‘flickering’ when resizing the main NewsLeecher window. The GUI look has also been improved. —
  • Reworked the SuperSearch and the Explorer Bookmark bars. The ‘New Bookmark’ button has been moved and the ‘Delete Bookmark’ button has been removed, to make more room for the bookmark buttons. Bookmarks can now instead be removed from a popup menu, by right clicking the bookmark buttons.
  • SuperSearch will only show the “Maximum number of search results received” message once per search now, instead of everytime a SuperSearch tab with 30,00000 results was activated.
  • Redesigned the ‘Advanced Filtering’ dialog. It can now be accessed from the filtering boxes drop-down menus.
  • Redesigned the Server Setup dialog
  • Changed ‘Focused’ control handling a bit, to allow better keyboard group navigation.

Removed features:

  • The ‘Image Preview Panel’ feature has been removed. It will be replaced by a better ‘Download Preview’ control before the NewsLeecher V5.0 final release.

Fixed bugs:

  • Implemented workaround for a bug that sometimes caused NewsLeecher to corrupt articles that were being downloaded while ‘GZIP Compressed’ data was streamed from usenet server. Note that this bug has only been experienced with the usenet provider Giganews, so it is most probably a bug at their end.
  • The Bot ‘Login Message’ feature, which can be accessed from the bot views popup menu, didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Drag’n’Drop *.PAR2 files to the Repair & Extract View didn’t always work. Fixed.
  • Drag’n’Drop *.NZB and *.NZB.ZIP files to the Queue View didn’t always work. Fixed.
  • The ‘Select All’ feature in the logwin context menu didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Many smaller bug fixes.

Version number 5.0 beta 2
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website NewsLeecher
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License type Shareware