Software Update: NewsLeecher 3.5 beta 4

NewsLeecher is a program for reading messages from newsgroups via Usenet and downloading binaries. The developers took a close look at programs such as NewsBinPro, NewsPro, BNR and GrabIt, and then took the best points as the basis for NewsLeecher. The result is a program that can download from multiple servers at the same time, has support for yEnc encoding and can handle up to 99 threads simultaneously. There is a new version on the NewsLeccher forum today announced. The program has arrived at the fourth beta version of the 3.5 branch and can start from this location downloaded as an installation file. The beta 4 changelog looks like this:

3.5 Beta 4

  • Re-added the ‘Audio’ SuperSearch category. All new audio posts will, again, be added to the separate ‘Audio’ SuperSearch category.
  • Added a new ‘Group Properties’ dialog which can be used to change options for specific news groups and virtual groups.
  • It’s now possible to setup download folders for specific groups and virtual groups. This can be done from the newly added ‘Group Properties’ dialog.
  • The combined ‘number of new headers available at server(s)’ is now shown for virtual groups.
  • Added option to hide the expand / collapse buttons in the Group Navigation Panel. Gives more screen real estate.
  • When having the ‘Age’ listview column activated, the article age is shown as minutes, hours or days instead of just days, depending on the date of the article.
  • The Zoom function (small arrow at the bottom right corner of NewsLeecher, now, optionally, hides/shows the ‘group navigation panel’ aswell as the ‘bot panel’. The option can be turned of/off from the group navigation panels options menu .
  • Possibility to add images to the tab sheets. Images can be turned on/off from View->Pages->Images On Sheets
  • Added optional ‘extended hint info’ to the ‘group navigation panel’. The extended hint/help info can be turned off from the the group panels options menu.
  • Group ‘expanded’ states for the ‘group navigation panel’ are now saved between sessions.
  • Added a ‘news’ notification icon to the bottom right part of the NewsLeecher statusbar. The icon will blink if there is a new NewsLeecher announcement available, such as a new version release, etc.
  • When activating a new group, the ‘active group view’ now automatically gets focused.
  • Added a ‘NewsLeecher Info File’ feature. When enabled, the feature will write an XML file to a configurable disk folder, containing various NewsLeecher usage information, such as the current download speed, the latest SuperSearch search string, etc. The feature can be configured from ‘Setup -> General’. More info will be added to the XML file in later releases.
  • Pressing ‘arrow-up/down’ when having the SuperSearch or Quick SuperSearch search editbox focused, now uppers or lowers the max-days limit.
  • The right-click popup menu has been fully integrated with the Group Navigation Panel.
  • When browsing articles in the ‘Active Group View’, pressing ‘Space’ will now mark the selected article for ‘Leeching’, and pressing ‘Return’ will mark it for ‘Opening’. All keyboard shortcuts will be configurable in a future NewsLeecher release.
  • Much improved internal group management handling. The improved handling makes it a lot easier to add new options for specific groups and virtual groups.
  • Changed the look of the ‘filter’ buttons / checkboxes on the ‘articles’ sheet.
  • Double clicking an active group in the ‘group navigation panel’ now deactivates the group.
  • The ‘Pause’ has been renamed to ‘Pause Queue’ and relocated to the queue sheet.
  • Double-clicking the ‘deactivate’ button on the ‘group navigation panel’ toolbar will now unload all loaded groups. Single-clicking the button will, still, only de-activate all active groups.
  • The ‘Hide Bottom Bar’ button at the lower right corner in NewsLeecher, has been renamed to ‘Zoom’. The shortcut key to the zoom function has been changed to ‘Z’.
  • The ‘export to nzb’ feature, now, as standard, uses the subject of the first selected article, when asking for the name of the NZB to create.
  • Rearranged the listview filter boxes.
  • Lots of small improvements (First article in article view will be auto-selected after group update, the action column in the bot panel is updated much more frequently, etc)
  • Fixed a pretty serious bug that caused the date of incoming headers to be interpreted incorrectly (up to 11 hours off)
  • Speedbar in tray-icon didn’t always work in beta 3. This has been fixed.
  • Lots of minor bug fixes.

Version number 3.5 beta 4
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003
Website NewsLeecher
File size


License type Shareware