Software Update: NewsBin Pro 6.60 Build 3845 Beta 7

The seventh beta release of NewsBin Pro version 6.60 has been released. With this program files, such as photos, videos and programs, can be retrieved from usenet. It has everything you would expect from a usenet downloader, such as support for multi-threading, ssl and autopar. There are also extensive filter options and an optional Usenet search service can be used. Since beta 4, the following changes have been made:

Version 6.60 Beta 7 Build 3845

  • Fixed crash issue nzzz found when Typical Retention is used.

Version 6.60 Beta 7 Build 3844

  • Fix for not re-using the newest chunks. Was causing high memory usage in some cases.

Version 6.60 Beta 6 Build 3837

  • Fixed issue that might explain and fix packet loss observed under high load.
  • Changed title bar to say B6 for this release.
  • Renamed item in Options menu to say “Settings” instead of “Options” to avoid confusion.

Version 6.60 Beta 6 Build 3834

  • Fixed issue where counter for new headers and last access time weren’t working.
  • Removed probe option from the menus. Ctrl-R does what probe did.
  • Fixed a significant performance problem when using server priorities and the higher server priority generates a bunch of errors. Could see as much as double the performance in these cases.
  • Fixed crash bug in GZ Compressor. Would crash if no data was present to compress.
  • Fixed issues with database compaction
  • Fixed possible issue if you manually enter groups in the group filter.
  • Fixed issue remembering last search column sort across starts.
  • Fixed issue where the download path in the groups list was incorrect. Tied to grabbing from Group or Groups folder settings.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-P wouldn’t clear out the posters in the list.
  • Fixed issue when adding a server to the server tab, it wasn’t automatically becoming active.
  • Fixed issue deleting newly added servers.
  • Fixed redraw issues that occurred when typing in single chars into search find box.
  • Fixed issue where Ctrl-R would sometimes load the binary parts of some of the decodes into wordpad.
  • Fixed the Test Download function.

Version 6.60 Beta 5 Build 3826

  • Added “Download Groups” to both server options and right click in the groups menu.
  • Fixed issue where Internet Search was not passing up some filters.
  • Fixed issue where a search error wouldn’t drop the progress bar.
  • Fixed Global filter applying to compacted sets
  • Fixed issues processing MP3 sets. Some files were hanging around in the download list.
  • Fixed issue where wrong unrar path was getting used if Newsbin got restarted during a download.
  • Fixed issue where Lone NZB Files and completed single part file would linger in the download list.
  • Fixed issue where SFV files from MP3 sets were getting duplicated on retry in the download list.
  • Improvements to AutoPAR when processing par sets that are separate from their rar set.
  • Fixed issue using the $(SUBJECT) path variable in the group unrar path. Properties was showing the unrar path without the subject.
  • Fixed issue where the $(SUBJECT) path variable was doubling up in filename expansion.
  • Made change so the Group Folder properties take precision over per group properties. Applications to headers, nzbs and search
  • Enabled servers now bubble up to the top of the Server Tab. Disabled servers move to the bottom.
  • Fixed issue showing proper unrar/repair progress.
  • Fixed issue with progress bars not reflecting status of previously downloaded files after restart.
  • Fixed issue with display of UnRAR progress percentage after restart.
  • Internal changes so file assembly has less impact download speed for other files still being downloaded.
  • Fixed issue with deleted files reappearing on a sort. They were getting deleted from the screen but not the DB
  • Made changes to prevent the download list from stalling the GUI
  • Internal improvements for processing headers in the background.
  • Change to make sure progress text matches colors correctly.
  • Fixed issue where AutoPAR wouldn’t kick in if a file in a compacted set was filtered out due to a global filter.
  • Removed lookahead in the download list.
  • Implemented more aggressive assemble incomplete functionality.
  • Changed return mechanism. If a download has been retrying and then gets moved to the botton and goes idle, it’ll reset the retries back to the beginning when it’s next referenced.
  • Fixed issue with Autopar where the set wouldn’t complete if there was a single bad PAR file
  • More work on getting NBRemote interface fully functional again.
  • Fixed issue with download order on restart.
  • Fixed issue where local search couldn’t be cancelled.
  • Fixed issue in the Search tab where hide old didn’t apply on initial search but did when you do a dropdown.
  • Added “Delete from Download” back to the download list menu.
  • Fixed issue where RARS with no PARS wouldn’t unrar.
  • Fixed issue where Local search loses progress bar after first update.
  • Changes to prevent display age dropdown from aborting an existing load.

Version number 6.60 build 3845 beta 7
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware