Software update: NewsBin Pro 6.52 build 3240 beta 4

The fourth beta release of NewsBin Pro version 6.52 has been released. With this program files such as photos, movies and programs can be retrieved from usenet. New in version 6.50 is, among other things, a watch function, which can be used to watch for specific content when retrieving the headers. Also, the download can be extracted to a different location than where it is initially saved. The changelog for beta 4 looks like this:

Version 6.52 Beta 4 Build 3240

  • Rebuild to point to production search frontend for public beta

Version 6.52 Beta 4 Build 3237

  • Processed NZB files are stored in the loaded folder again, due to popular request.
  • Added new compaction code with filename removal when there is a duplicate filename in subject
  • Increased NZB Password length limit when included in the NZB Filename, was limited to 60 bytes
  • Remove the password when using the NZB Filename for pathing.
  • Still points to test search db

Version 6.52 Beta 4 Build 3234

  • Support allowing zip files inside of RAR files for FF

Version 6.52 Beta 4 Build 3231

  • Fixed issue with handling download list on restart, introduced in build 3230
  • Change to make serves with “Typical Retention” more efficient. Looks like 4x faster than before.

Version 6.52 Beta 4 Build 3230

  • Special build pointing to new search server frontend
  • Now has capability to hide encrypted and/or identified spam posts from search results
  • Simplified spam filter options
  • Fixed issue receiving error popups for some types of search errors when resolving files.
  • Worked on intermittent crash issue reported when closing a tab. Hopefully it is fixed

Version number 6.52 build 3240 beta 4
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware