Software Update: NewsBin Pro 6.50 Build 3067 Beta 17

Beta release 17 of NewsBin Pro version 6.50 has been released. With this program files – such as photos, movies and programs – can be retrieved from usenet. New in version 6.50 is, among other things, a watch function, which allows you to watch for specific content when retrieving the headers. Also, the download can be extracted to a different location than where it is initially saved. Since beta 15, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Version 6.50 Beta 17 Build 3067

  • Now supports RAR5 archives
  • Fixed issue where Search count from prior search would still be displayed in the search tab after restart
  • Fixed issue where downloads were not getting cleanly deleted when doing it from within Newsbin.
  • Installer now allows you to change the Newsbin Data Folder. It is the user responsibility to also move any data files.
  • Installer now allows user to select a different GUI arrangement for V4, V5, or V6 look.
  • Installer now delivers different par dll files that have proven to be more reliable and resolves a crash issue on some machines
  • Now has better support for rar files that are password protected. Supply a list of passwords and Newsbin will cycle through trying them. Go under Options/RAR Passwords to add passwords to the list of passwords Newsbin will use.
  • Improved encrypted file detection. Catches more cases of encrypted files.
  • Fixed issue where deleting a header download was not stopping the download, it just removed the download progress from the download list.
  • Supplying old tbb.dll files that seem to address the crash problem when repairing certain kinds of rar/par sets
  • Adjusted balance between server failures and lookahead so the good servers still get polled.
  • Optimized header import when there are a ton of GZ files. It’ll process up to 10 before it looks for additional files.
  • Header testing now requires a valid CRC to help avoid false positive detections of encrypted files.
  • Hooked up periodic save of the download list
  • Removed the GB/MB tag for post counts in the Groups list.
  • Fixed problem with header download count when it went over 4 billion posts.
  • Fixed issue where single file downloads weren’t showing chunks.
  • Now prevents sort on status from being persistent because it was slowing down reloading of groups.

Version 6.50 Beta 16 Build 3027

  • New Message ID Filter implemented. Create a filter profile called “MessageIdFilter” then enter your criteria into Subject/Reject to use it. Applications filter during header download.
  • Autopar: If autopar is disabled, Newsbin will now assemble incompletes when retries expire.
  • Display: Reports whether the new Message ID filter is enabled or disabled upon startup in the Logging tab.
  • Display: Fixed bug where Internet Search list gets cleared when you hit the end of available results performing a “Get Older Posts”
  • Display: Fixed the path variable descriptions in the Change dialog for setting download paths. Some were showing garbage strings.
  • Display: Fixed issue renaming watch list items.
  • Display: Fixed issue deleting watch topics.
  • Display: Fix crash when you right-click on a post in the post list and selected properties
  • Display: Added better progress indication for new database compaction facility.
  • Download: Fixed stall problem when a server stops delivering chunks.
  • Download: Now verifies autoload NZB paths
  • Download: Fixed issue where NZB filenames with leading spaces wouldn’t load.
  • Download: Fixed the option “Don’t save files list”.

Version number 6.50 build 3067 beta 17
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website DJI Interprises, LLC
File size


License type Shareware