Software update: MySQL 3.23.26 beta

The MySQL development team has released a new unstable release of the MySQL 3.23 beta. Here is the overview of the bug fixes and new features, coming from the change history

E.1.1 Changes in release 3.23.26

  • Fixed to work properly with NULL.
  • Fixed problem with SUBSRING_INDEX() and REPLACE(). (Patch by Alexander Igonitchev)
  • Fix CREATE TEMPORARY TABLE IF NOT EXISTS not to give an error if the table exists.
  • If you don’t create a PRIMARY KEY in a BDB table, a hidden PRIMARY KEY will be created.
  • Added read-only-key optimization to BDB tables.
  • LEFT JOIN in some cases preferred a full table scan when there was no WHERE clause.
  • When using –log-slow-queries, don’t count the time waiting for a lock.
  • Fixed bug in lock code on windows which could cause the key cache to report that the key file was crashed even if it was okay.
  • Automatic repair of MyISAM tables if you start mysqld with –myisam-recover.
  • Removed the TYPE= keyword from CHECK and REPAIR. Allow CHECK options to be combined. (You can still use TYPE= but this usage is deprecated).
  • Fixed mutex bug in the binary replication log – long update queries could be read only in part by the slave if it did it at the wrong time, which was not fatal, but resulted in a performance-degrading reconnect and a scary message in the error log.
  • Changed the format of the binary log – added magic number, server version, binlog version. Added server id and query error code for each query event.
  • Replication thread from the slave now will kill all the stale threads from the same server.
  • Long replication user names were not being handled properly.
  • Added –replicate-rewrite-db option to mysqld.
  • Added –skip-slave-start option to mysqld.
  • Updates that generated an error code (such as INSERT INTO foo(some_key) values ​​(1),(1)) erroneously terminated the slave thread.
  • Added optimization of queries where DISTINCT is only used on columns from some of the tables.
  • Allow floating point numbers where there is no sign after the exponent (like 1e1).
  • SHOW GRANTS didn’t always show all column grants.
  • Added –default-extra-file=# to all MySQL clients.
  • Columns referenced in INSERT statements now are initialized properly.
  • UPDATE didn’t always work when used with a range on a timestamp that was part of the key that was used to find rows.
  • Fixed bug in FULLTEXT index when inserting a NULL column.
  • Changed to use mkstemp() instead of tempnam().

[break] The download locations of the source code and OS-specific binaries can be found at this page† [/break]

Version number 3.23.26 beta
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux
Website BetaNews