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Software update: MultiPar

MultiPar is an open source program with which files and associated parchive files can be checked for corruption. If necessary, it can reconstruct the data. This is used, among other things, for exchanging files via Usenet, since these are divided into different parts and not all parts are available on all Usenet servers. MultiPar was released a few days ago with the following list of changes:

Changes from to

  • GUI update – Change – An option “Don’t search subfolders” is enabled for verification and reapir.
  • PAR2 client update – Change – An option “/ fo” is available for verification and reapir.

Changes from to

  • PAR2 client update – Bug fix – In some cases, it stopped to calculate hash of files in creating PAR2 files.

Changes from to

  • GUI update – Change – It’s possible to type or edit directory on Folder selecting dialog. An option “Run clients with lower priority” decreases priority of GUI, too. Verify button will be disabled, when recovery files are deleted after repair.
  • PAR2 client update – Change – 64-bit version may allocate a little more memory than before by default.
Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website MultiPar
License type GPL

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