Software Update: Mp3tag 2.44

Florian Heidenreich has released a new version of Mp3tag. With this program, the meta tags of the most common music formats can be modified. Support is available for ID3v1, ID3v2.3, ID3v2.4, iTunes Mp5, wma, Vorbis Comments and Ape tags. Furthermore, the file names can also be modified on the basis of those tags and playlists can be generated. In version 2.44, support for Windows 7 has been added, album art can also be used for Ogg Vorbis files and the program can now also customize the tags of Musepack SV8 files. The full changelog of this release looks like this:


  • Windows 7 now officially supported.
  • Support for cover art for Ogg Vorbis files.
  • Support for Musepack SV8.
  • Multiple-valued fields can now also be created via ‘Format value’ actions (values ​​separated by ).
  • Field %_cover_type% containing cover type of first embedded cover art.
  • Multiple-valued fields can now also be created via direct editing in the file view (values ​​separated by ).
  • Added Music Brainz Web Source.
  • Added Cover-only Amazon Web Sources.
  • Added F2 keyboard shortcut for editing in Tag Sources dialog.
  • Option ‘Correct aspect ratio’ at right-click menu or cover art window.


  • Changelog now English-only.
  • Improvements for keyboard navigation at extended tags dialog.
  • Added reporting of ID3v2 parsing errors as !BAD ID3v2 in tag field.
  • Added Amazon API signing.
  • Added *.jpeg to supported file extensions for displaying cover art from directories.
  • Workaround for Firefox 3.5 dragged images always reported as BMP files.
  • Updated used TAK SDK to version 1.1.1.
  • Increased number of possible user-defined tools.
  • Unlocalized strings now defaulting to English.
  • Updated internal value mapping for MediaMonkey rating field RATING MM to address changes in MM 3.1.
  • Action ‘Merge duplicate fields’ now also takes _ALL as field name to merge all fields.
  • Preventing accidentally hiding of columns in the file view.


  • Fixed UI glitches when editing long titles at Tag Sources dialog.
  • Fixed problem with entering certain polish characters where AltGr (right Alt) key was involved.
  • Action Case Conversion on Vorbis Comments field names did not take Date, Year, and Organization into account.
  • Pasting a non-existent directory to the directory switcher resulted in a phantom file.
  • Fixed wrong splitting of artist names containing slash characters for freedb web search.
  • Possible runtime error with Ogg Vorbis cover art.
  • Action ‘Export cover to file’ stopped working (since v2.43b).
  • Command-line parameter /fp on non-existent directory loads all tracks of upper directory.
  • Fields greater than 255 characters were not truncated in MP4 tags.
  • Random runtime error when starting Mp3tag with multiple files from the Explorer context menu.
  • Pressing ‘Cancel’ on write-protected files did not cancel to complete tag-writing process but only skipped the protected file.
  • Minor fixes regarding file path canonicalization and validation.
  • Removing fields by writing empty values ​​was not possible anymore (since 2.43a).
  • Occasional runtime error while parsing ill-formed UFID frames in ID3v2 tags.
  • Scripting functions used at ‘Replace with’ of action ‘Replace with regular expressions’ were not evaluated anymore (since v2.43).
  • Action ‘Merge duplicate fields’ merged all fields instead of only given one.
  • Overflow with negative values ​​as second parameter for $num scripting function.
  • Action ‘Convert codepage’ did not work in some cases.
  • Adding cover art via drag and drop was not possible anymore after modifying tag panel fields via ‘Options > Tag Panel’.
  • updated web source.
  • internal changes to prevent runtime errors on invalid file paths.
  • previous installation directory was not remembered by the installation program.

Version number 2.44
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Mp3tag
File size 2.04MB
License type Freeware