Software Update: Mozilla Thunderbird 3.1 Beta 1

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The Mozilla Foundation has made available beta release of Thunderbird 3.1. Mozilla Thunderbird is an open source mail and newsgroup client with features such as support for multiple mail and news accounts, a junk mail filter, a spell checker and a customizable appearance. Version 3.1, which for the time being is still codenamed Lanikai, includes improved support for IMAP and various improvements have been made to the smart folders, filters and attachment handling. Below is the changelog for this beta:

Thunderbird specific:

  • Fixed: unable to make tbird on the Mac my default news:// reader
  • Fixed: Answering a news article in a saved search folder not stored under a news account creates mail reply instead of follow-up
  • Fixed: Need new icon for Shredder builds
  • Fixed: Message Header: Focussing contacts causes respective header and label to move down some px (polish)
  • Fixed: Even though TB ​​can play aiff sounds as new mail alerts, you can’t pick them
  • Fixed: Write tests for different content types for the content policy
  • Fixed: Address auto-complete gives random order, not based on frequency after upgrading from Thunderbird 2 to Thunderbird 3 (autocomplete)
  • Fixed: Keyboard shortcut conflict with the shortcut “K”
  • Fixed: local folders account shown duplicated (multiple accountN.server points server1 for “Local Folders” account)
  • Fixed: Ignore NO_EM_RESTART in the environment when make mozmill & make mozmill-one are set
  • Fixed: [Faceted Search] Could facet by account
  • Fixed: Content tabs don’t display “Loading…” string between page loads
  • Fixed: Look into making use of stock GTK+ search icon
  • Fixed: Can’t install application/x-xpinstall types by clicking on links in content tabs
  • Fixed: Support latest Mozmill version in Thunderbird tests.
  • Fixed: Thunderbird 2.0 to 3.0 upgrade deleted contents of local trash subfolders, colons (:), slash(/) in folder names on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: Crash on repeated collapse/expand of threads with subthreads killed by filter [@ memmove | nsTArray_base::ShiftData(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)]
  • Fixed: Need images for “Lanikai” branding
  • Fixed: Activity Manager: pop activity is not showing
  • Fixed: No L10n updates on Lanikai/Thunderbird 3.1 branch
  • Fixed: Don’t set XPCOM_DEBUG_BREAK=stack in if it is already set to something else
  • Fixed: folder pane background color is incorrect
  • Fixed: Remove browser.history_expire prefs from all-thunderbird.js
  • Fixed: smart folder searches miss imap folders after empty local folders
  • Fixed: folderPane.js needs an s/aGenerator/aMode/
  • Fixed: Mozmill: Random orange with switching tabs but not waiting for something to be displayed
  • Fixed: Will NOT save any “sent” messages no matter what “sent” folder is selected. I used to use local “sent” folder but NO “sent” folder works now.
  • Fixed: Address Book keyboard shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+2 not working
  • Fixed: Tidy up content-tabs and cookies mozmill tests now that bug 508999/bug 511240 have landed
  • Fixed: DNS Prefetch security issue: Information leak
  • Fixed: Import from Eudora filter rules does not translate URL-style rules
  • Fixed: Using search function returns an XML error pointing to local file
  • Fixed: There’s no need for no_pkg_files when every platform uses a package manifest
  • Fixed: Mozmill: Random orange after opening a new tab with MailUtils.displayMessage
  • Fixed: Mozmill: random orange with closing the current tab but not properly waiting for message display completion
  • Fixed: Fix test-message-pane-visibility.js to not do a double message load while restoring tabs
  • Fixed: Make summarization code update the message display’s messageLoading/messageLoaded
  • Fixed: View -> Folders does not switch to Unread, Favorite or Recent, only to Smart and All
  • Fixed: Disable autodetect or offline mode in MozMill tests
  • Fixed: mdimporter ‘MODULE’ is defined too late
  • Fixed: “mail.strictly_mime.parm_folding” function of Thunderbird 3 does not work correctly
  • Fixed: Local Folders “account” has disappeared from the left hand folder pane with v3.0.2

MailNews Core:

  • Fixed: avascript strict warnings in AccountWizard.js
  • Fixed: ldap connections not close properly, LDAP/SSL triggers internal failure error message.
  • Fixed: crash [@ nsAbView::GetSelectedAddresses(nsIArray**)] does not check for NULL pointer
  • Fixed: Smarter handling (even just a parsing error!) of semicolon-separated addresses in To: field
  • Fixed: [MIME] “This body part will be downloaded on demand” strikes back
  • Fixed: Allow mailto: links with multiple addresses delimited by (illegal) semicolons (;)
  • Fixed: crash [@ nsMessengerWinIntegration::SetupInbox()], mostly startup crashes
  • Fixed: Make Forward as inline work without compose window
  • Fixed: TortoiseHg brakes “Copy (Ctrl+C)” and Drag & Drop in SM & TB on Gecko/1.9.x trunk
  • Fixed: document gloda’s test framework helper messageGenerator.js and share it with the world
  • Fixed: Seamonkey/Thunderbird send DNS queries when viewing mail, could be used to verify existence of mail accounts
  • Fixed: Messages marked manually as Junk are never moved to Junk folder (if user doesn’t check “Enable adaptive junk mail controls for this account”, even though UnJunk moves back to Inbox regardless of user’s choice of the option)
  • Fixed: Intermittent nsTArray_base leak in test_nsAbAutoCompleteSearch*.js
  • Fixed: xpcshell tests: test_downloadOffline.js leaks intermittently
  • Fixed: Add to –hg-clone-options
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 517355 – Restore OJI, Liveconnect and the JEP on the 1.9.2 branch on OS X| to comm-central (apps)
  • Fixed: birthday field: improve handling of BirthYear for pre-1900 dates
  • Fixed: widget is not always able to initialise OLE (somehow triggered by various third party software eg McAfee Site Advisor, TortoiseHg)
  • Fixed: Some /mailnews/local/src/nsLocalMailFolder.cpp cleanup
  • Fixed: crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::UpdateImapMailboxInfo(nsIImapProtocol*, nsIMailboxSpec*)]
  • Fixed: gloda indexes while offline, if we startup without a network connection
  • Fixed: Comm-central contains a MoreFilesX dependency, but is obsolete on Gecko1.9.2 and later
  • Fixed: [64bit]: call of overloaded ‘AppendInt(NSInteger)’ is ambiguous in
  • Fixed: “ASSERTION: invalid array index” triggered by nsImapFlagAndUidState::GetMessageFlagsFromUID
  • Fixed: AIX port unresolved external symbol, nsAutoSyncManager.cpp
  • Fixed: AIX Port TOC overflow when linking static thunderbird-bin
  • Fixed: local folder size limit to extend to 4GB on Mac OS X
  • Fixed: Allow network attempts to restart itself in case of failures
  • Fixed: crash [@ nsMsgXFViewThread::AddHdr(nsIMsgDBHdr*, int, unsigned int&, nsIMsgDBHdr**)] manipulating messages in virtual folder
  • Fixed: Port bug 392180 updateURL should have variable indicating the context of the check to comm-central apps
  • Fixed: imap STATUS not closing db – mail.check_all_imap_folders_for_new and “check this folder for new messages” causes high memory and error message Unable to open the summary file for xxxxx. Perhaps there was an error on disk, or the full path is too long.
  • Fixed: WARNING: goofy tree selection state: two ranges are adjacent!: ‘endFirstRange == startRange’ with test_delete_multiple_messages_with_first_selected_message_open in test-deletion-with-multiple-displays.js
  • Fixed: crash [@ apply_rfc2047_encoding ] while importing from outlook 2010
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 216462 – (smil) Implement SVG (SMIL) Animation| to comm-central, configure part
  • Fixed: Explicitly unsupport building without SVG in comm-central
  • Fixed: test_largeOfflineStore.js: Detect and exit early with non-NTFS volumes, and otherwise mark the inbox file as sparse on Windows
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 504822 – Remove XBM support from Mozilla| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 473411 – the rule for DIST_FILES should create dist/bin| to cc
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 478443 — Alter makefiles slightly to make pymake happy| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 422986 — make -j2 -f profiledbuild fails| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 498330 — make distclean doesn’t work with –disable-compile-environment| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 472165 – WinMobile Build Requires Tools In PATH Variable| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Restore NS_PRINTING and use it in packaging
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 477679 – default to -Ox for windows ce optimization flag| to comm-central
  • Fixed: Port changeset 22f5d7ee604f and changeset 8510b43aa883 to comm-central
  • Fixed: Remove MOZ_VALGRIND from comm-central
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 482156 – Get rid of (unnecessary) LIBGNOME dependency| and related follow-ups to comm-central
  • Fixed: Error while retrieving mail from POP3
  • Fixed: Port |Bug 495224 – Builds involving symlinks in the source dir fail to find config/| to comm-central
  • Fixed: nsMsgDBView::ReloadMessage doesn’t call displayMessageChanged on the command updater
  • Fixed: Port bug 488608 and bug 490325 to comm-central
  • Fixed: Misalignment in –help command line
  • Fixed: orkinHeap should use malloc/free instead of new/delete
  • Fixed: Missing python version check in configure

Version number 3.1 beta 1
Release status beta
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Mozilla Foundation
File sizes 9.23MB – 20.60MB
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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