Software Update: Mozilla Camino 1.0rc1

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The Mozilla Organization has provided its web browser for the Mac OS X platform, Mozilla Camino, with the first release candidate of the 1.0 series. This web browser uses Cocoa for the user interface and the Gecko engine to render web pages. In addition, the program has tabbed browsing, a popup blocker and a Google search field. The included list of changes looks like this:

Version 1.0rc1:

  • General
    • Camino is now built as a universal binary, and runs natively on PowerPC- and Intel-based Macs.
    • Remapped command scroll to standard scroll. Scrolling while holding the Control key now changes text size, and scrolling while holding the Option key navigates through history.
    • Added command-shift-L as shortcut for Email Page Location.
    • Fixed several tooltip issues.
    • Fixed user interface lockups that occurred when Camino displayed up a sheet or window while a modal dialog or sheet was already open.
    • Fixed an issue causing sheets to appear in the lower-left corner of the screen.
    • Fixed a problem causing loss of focus when hiding and then showing Camino.
    • Fixed an issue where showing a sheet in one window would cause backwards typing in other windows.
  • Bookmarks
    • Implemented bookmark arrangement:
      • Selecting a single folder will sort its children.
      • Selecting two or more items will sort them together.
      • Holding down the Option key will do a deep sort of all selected items.
      • If nothing is selected, the current collection is sorted (if allowed).
    • Re-ordered the bookmarks and history context menus slightly to reduce the number of separators.
    • Fixed the bookmarks toolbar to update appropriately when items are re-ordered.
    • The outline and table views now respond to the home and end keys by scrolling to the top and bottom.
    • When the bookmarks file is corrupt, a copy is now saved.
    • Changed “Last visit” to “Visits” in the Bookmark Info panel.
  • Downloads
    • “Show in Finder” is now allowed for in-progress downloads.
    • Fixed an occasional crash that occurred when clearing the download list.
  • localization
    • Bookmarks toolbar and menu folders now have localized names.
    • Several other missing strings were added to the Localized.strings file.

Version 1.0beta 2:

  • General
    • Camino now supports HTML .
    • Camino now has built in SVG support.
    • Added a contextual menu on the URL bar lock icon that has items to show the site certificate, and go to Page Info.
    • Added a Page Info window containing a combination of encryption and certificates related information.
    • Added “.p7b” and “.pkcs7” to the list of file extensions allowed when importing certificate files.
    • Added a separate cache for site icons, ensuring that crashing doesn’t erase all the site icons anymore.
    • Fixed an issue where the “New window” item was no longer in dock menu.
    • Camino now doesn’t set itself as the default FTP client.
    • Fixed a crash when accessing Brother printer via Bonjour.
    • Updated many of the icons.
    • The bookmarks bar on 10.4 now matches the unified look of the toolbar.
    • Improve the drag feedback for tabs and the tab bar background.
    • Improve the drag feedback on the bookmarks toolbar.
    • Make sure the focus ring around the search text fields in the UI is correctly redrawn when a window gains and loses focus.
    • Rearranged the Help menu.
    • Standardize terminology in Send Link/Email Page Location strings.
    • If a webpage has it’s own javascript oncontextmenu handler, we don’t show the normal context menu.
    • When opening new windows from external applications, make sure we bring the window to the front if appropriate.
  • preferences
    • Added warning sheets when clearing the cache and history in the preferences, and standardize the terminology.
    • Added a “Are you sure?” warning before clearing all the cookie site exceptions.
    • Make sure that the “Remove All” button in the “Edit exceptions list” sheet only removes the cookie permissions, and not any others.
    • Allow users to select one or more cookies and say “block these sites” to add the sites to the “deny” list.
    • The UI in the Cookies and Exceptions sheets now uses action buttons, and saves the table and window state.
    • Properly save the preference window location.
  • Bookmarks
    • Don’t create history items for hidden url loads, like iframes.
    • Quitting with a large history is now faster.
    • Importing bookmarks from Firefox brings apostrophes in correctly.
    • Re-importing of a Camino HTML bookmark file now properly imports the separators.
    • Added support for Tiger .webloc files.
    • The bookmarks info window is now resizable.
    • Fixed a case where the bookmark info panel was blank if you Get Info in bookmarks before selecting anything.
    • Save bookmark keyword changes when you close the panel.
    • Added a contextual menu item to copy bookmark and history item urls to the clipboard.
    • Removed the New Folder, and enable Copy Location for the bookmark toolbar contextual menu.
    • Improved Top 10 bookmark list.
      • Look at both visit count and last visit date to keep the list stable.
      • Slight optimization or list building.
    • Optimized resetting of visit counts.
    • Allow to shift tab out of the Description text view.
  • tabs
    • Reuse the frontmost tab for some URL loads if it’s empty.
    • Bring the browser window to the front when creating new tabs from external applications, if another window (like Downloads) is frontmost.
    • Allow shift modifier key to reverse the sense of the “load in background” preference when loading a url with Command-Return.
    • Dragging a bookmark folder over the content view should replace tabs, rather than append (just like dragging over the tab).
  • Downloads
    • Fixed a bug in which the pause button disappears when customizing the download manager toolbar.
    • Use a file system notification to detect when downloaded files are moved or deleted, and update UI accordingly.
    • The Delete key now also removes items from the download list.
    • Fix hang when the “Are you sure you want to quit?” download sheet was displayed and the preference to close the download window was set.
  • localization
    • The bookmark manager’s localized title is now displayed properly.

Version number 1.0rc1
Operating systems macOS
Website The Mozilla Organisation
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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