Software update: moOde audio player 8.0.2

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Version 8.0.2 of moOde audio player has been released. This program turns a Raspberry Pi into a comprehensive music center and can play music files stored on the local network, from Internet radio stations and from various streaming services. The player can be controlled via a web browser or mobile device and there is support for a large number of DACs, so that the music can also be played in high quality. The changelog for this release looks like this:


  • Add force_eeprom_read=0 to /boot/config.txt for all Hifiberry cards
    This prevents the Raspberry Pi firmware from reading the card’s EEPROM based dtoverlay which may conflict with dtoverlay in /boot/config.txt
  • Add BlueZ Config SCAN options and longer trust time
    There are two scan options: SCAN (Default) which scans for only BR/EDR devices and SCAN (Include LE devices) which scans for both BR/EDR and LE devices. The trust time for un-paired devices listed in the scan results has been increased from 30 seconds to 90 seconds.
  • Add new options to moodeutl for scanning Samba networks The new options are:
    • c Detect highest CIFS protocol version [host or ip address]
    • C Detect CIFS shares [host or ip address]
    • n Detect NBT (Samba) hosts
      There is also a new option for resetting Bluetooth to off in case a Pi is rebooted with Bluetooth on but no Bluetooth adapter present which causes moOde startup to fail and the system appear to hang.
    • -breset Reset Bluetooth to off
  • Fix bad path in moodeutl for the -u/-U “check station URL” options
  • Fix expected scan on/off responses in SCAN() function

In place update

There is an in-place update that upgrades moOde 8.0.1 to 8.0.2. It’s available via the “CHECK for software update” button in System Config. Click the “VIEW” button to read about the contents of the update package and the instructions regarding backing up the system before applying the update and monitoring the progress of the update.

Note: The new updating process preserves config files in /etc/ unless specific files are part of the update process. This means that files such as /etc/rc.local are generally not touched. If a config file is to be altered or replaced it will be listed in the release notes.

Version number 8.0.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux
Website moOde audio
License type GPL
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