Software update: mIRC 5.90

PhOneman sent us a link to a new version of the popular IRC client mIRC. The message about a serious vulnerability in the older version has been floating around for some time, so upgrading is definitely recommended. The list of updates is long, but below is a short summary:

  • Something you should really take a look at is the new and improved Address Book. It still offers an easy interface to addresses and related info of other IRC users but now also includes your notify list, Op, Voice, Ignore and Protect lists and a new feature to color all nicknames around that match a certain format. You wanted all ops blue? your friends green? target and enemy red? you got it!
  • A smart “Keep channels open” option has been added to the IRC/Options dialog. It keeps channel windows open after you’re kicked so you can read the last part of a conversation.
  • Built-in ctcp flood protection for ctcp version, ping, finger, and time has been added. It will ignore (groups) of users for up to 10 seconds.
  • In the display section you can now enable transparency support for desktop windows under Win 2000.
  • The dcc send/get windows interface has been redesigned. You can now easier open folders and resend files straight from the dcc send dialog. Also a small error in the DCC Send/Get cps calculation was fixed and the maximum bandwidth use by outgoing DCC’s is better limited now.
  • Agent support no longer strips out high-ascii characters used in non-english languages.

Version number 5.90
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website mIRC