Software Update: Miranda IM 0.8.0

The final release of version 0.8.0 of Miranda IM was released on Wednesday. Miranda IM is an open source instant messaging program for Windows and offers standard support to the networks of ICQ, IRC, MSN, AIM, Jabber and Yahoo. The download is less than 1.5 megabytes in size and for that you get a bare and light program. However, the functionality and appearance of the program are more than 350 addons and plugins completely customizable. It is thus one of the most customizable im clients for Windows. New in this release is the new account manager. Furthermore, there is now the possibility to log in with multiple accounts on the same network and it is easier to chat over encrypted connections. Below is the full changelog for this release:


  • Support for multiple accounts (without dll renaming) for all protocols
  • SSL support has been added to the core
  • Support for compressed HTTP transactions
  • AIM: Unicode messaging, status messages, profiles
  • AIM: Offline Messaging
  • AIM: Set/retrieve status message for any status
  • AIM: Ability to set your own avatar
  • AIM: Privacy settings & lists support
  • AIM: Server groups support
  • AIM: Group Chat support
  • AIM: SSL server connection support
  • ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
  • ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
  • ICQ: New offline messages protocol (supports unicode)
  • ICQ: New user details protocol support (fully unicode aware)
  • ICQ: Added support for status notes & moods
  • ICQ: URL events are now received as normal messages
  • ICQ: Ability to send/receive contacts to/from ICQ6 and AIM
  • ICQ: Server-list support now groups requests
  • IRC: IRC servers now stored in the database
  • IRC: Filter for IRC channel list
  • IRC: Enhanced identity processing
  • IRC: Added menu item for nickserv commands
  • IRC: Auto request client info on adding to contacts or private message
  • IRC: Enhanced WhoIs request
  • IRC: CTCP events are shown in the server window
  • IRC: Close windows with ESC button
  • IRC: Quick Connect now allows manual input of server parameters
  • Jabber: Bunch of new XMPP extensions implemented (XEPs: 70, 83, 108, 147, 184, 224, 232 and other)
  • Jabber: Massive improvements in file transfers
  • Jabber: Improved GnuPG messages handling (using SecureIM/GPG plugins)
  • Jabber: Localized server messages support (xml:lang, RFC 3920 section 4.4)
  • Jabber: Server side notes (Miranda own extension)
  • Jabber: Ability to invite chat users to another rooms
  • Jabber: Directed presences, ability to change connection priority
  • Jabber: Display active resource of user in message window
  • Jabber: Jabber VCard moved integrated with user details
  • Jabber: Redesigned almost all dialogs (roster editor, bookmarks, privacy lists, groupchat join, user info and other)
  • Jabber: Redesigned menus (main menu in status bar, privacy lists menu, custom status, priority menu, groupchat menus and other)
  • Jabber: Added new and updated old icons, improvements in UI
  • Jabber: Added hotkeys and toolbar buttons
  • Jabber: Options to auto-accept authorization requests and auto-reject invites to conferences
  • Jabber: CTRL key shows disabled items in most menus
  • Jabber: Various improvements in group chats (show online status, improved topic and nick change dialogs and other)
  • Jabber: Improved remote controlling (resources in forwarded messages, keep last options, leave group chats)
  • Jabber: Added display of quit messages, ability to send quit and “slap” messages
  • Jabber: “Use hostname as resource” option
  • Jabber: Improvements in XML Console (filters, formatting)
  • Jabber: Ability to show jabber presence subscription states and errors
  • MSN: Rewritten to support WLM 8.5 protocol (and all it features)
  • MSN: Offline Messaging
  • MSN: Added Hotmail Notifier functionality
  • Yahoo: Added Yahoo 9.x protocol support
  • Yahoo: File transfer overhauled with support for batches of files
  • Yahoo: Added user info dialog for Yahoo that shows more detailed information
  • Yahoo: Improved support for HTTP proxies
  • Yahoo: Yahoo Japan support
  • Yahoo: Yahoo now provides a Unicode version

Bug fixes

  • ICQ: Fixed receiving of multi-part messages (only first part was received)
  • ICQ: Fixed processing of UTF-8 encoded status messages from QIP
  • Jabber: Fixed various serious bugs (accidental account unregister, message sender spoofing, roster access by remote users)
  • Jabber: Fixed wrong timestamps in offline and forwarded messages, fixed xmpp time answers
  • Jabber: Various connection stability fixes (XMPP ping, ZLib keepalive and other)
  • Jabber: Fixed chat issues with autojoin and unstable connection
  • Jabber: Fixed displaying of active resource (including software info) in contact list
  • Yahoo: Tons of bug fixes
Version number 0.8.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Miranda IM
File size 1.58MB
License type GPL