Software Update: Memtest86+ 6.00 beta 3

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The third beta release of Memtest86+ version 6.00 has been released. This program is intended to thoroughly and completely test the working memory of a computer. There are several downloads available, which can be used to create a self-starting floppy, USB stick or CD. The changelog for version 6.00 can be found below.


  • Rewrite code for UEFI 32 & 64 bits
  • Add support for x64 Long Mode Paging
  • Add support for up to 256 cores
  • Add detection for DDR4 & DDR5
  • Add support for XMP 3.0
  • Add detection for AMD Zen 1/2/3
  • Add detection for Intel up to 13th Gen
  • Add support for native USB keyboards
  • Add detection for Rambus RDRAM
  • Add detection for Zhaoxin CPUs
  • Numerous bug fixes

Version number 6:00 beta 3
Release status Beta
Website Memtest86+
File size


License type GPL
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