Software Update: Memtest86+ 1.30

Memtest86+ has been updated to version 1.30. This program originates from Memtest86 and is able to check the working memory for errors. The software is launched immediately after the PC boots up and therefore does not require an operating system such as Linux or Windows. As usual, Memtest86+ can be downloaded in different variants and these are listed at the bottom of this posting. The changelog for this release looks like this:

New Features

  • Added a “Fast” Mode (with MTRR & L1/L2 Caches on)
  • Added support for VIA K8T890
  • Added on-fly timings change on some chipsets (Thanks to Eric and Wee)
  • Added i852/855 on fly timing change

Bug Fixes

  • Rewrite caches-off function (Disable MTRR for stronger test)
  • Some others bug fixes

[break]The following downloads are available:
Self-starting iso file (.gz)
Self-starting iso file (.zip)
Memtest86+ (.gz)
Memtest86+ (.zip)
Memtest86+ for a USB memory stick (.zip)
Memtest86+ for a dos bootflop (.zip)[break] click for a larger version

Version number 1.30
Website Memtest86+
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License type Freeware