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A new stable release from MediaPortal’s 1.x series has been released. With this program, a Windows machine can be used as the heart of the multimedia hardware in the living room. This makes it easy to listen to radio and music, as well as watch videos and DVDs. TV programs can also be recorded. By means of plug-ins and extensions, the functionality can be expanded and the look & feel of the program can be adjusted. The most important changes from this release are listed below:

Bug fixes:

  • [MP1-5053] – TV frame rate is not parsed from tsbuffer
  • [MP1-5058] – Infinity waiting in TVClient library
  • [MP1-5059] – Performance stats displayed incorrectly
  • [MP1-5061] – SQLite does not select all data when there is a lot of data
  • [MP1-5062] – Update urls in deploytool
  • [MP1-5071] – Improve XMLTV Plugin property parsing

Since Pre-Release :

  • [MP1-5073] – Error processing xml with dtd in it
  • [MP1-5075] – Fix Timeout trouble in TVServer
  • [MP1-5077] – Fix for CUE-Files not imported into database
  • [MP1-5078] – Sometimes no image rendered when playing video
  • [MP1-5079] – DiscID not populated in MusicTag

Improvement / Rework:

  • [MP1-4242] – Watchdog improvement
  • [MP1-5049] – Add MusicBrainz fields in Music database
  • [MP1-5063] – Update code for windows server
  • [MP1-5068] – Update Media Info to 21.3.1
  • [MP1-5069] – Update libsamplerate to 0.1.9
  • [MP1-5072] – Update Metadata Extractor to 2.5.0
  • Germany DVBC Tunigdetails Vodafone NRW and Hessen
  • Update Titan skin
  • The language files have been updated

Since Pre-Release :

  • [MP1-5076] – Update TagLibSharp to
  • [MP1-5080] – Fix WatchDog UAC prompt
  • Updated UK tuning parameters

Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.

Version number 1.28
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website MediaPortal
File size


License type GPL
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