Software update: MediaPortal 1.25

A new stable release from MediaPortal’s 1.x series has been released. With this program, a Windows machine can be used as the heart of the multimedia hardware in the living room. This makes it easy to listen to radio and music, as well as watch videos and DVDs. TV programs can also be recorded. By means of plug-ins and extensions, the functionality can be expanded and the look & feel of the program can be adjusted. The most important changes from this release are listed below:

Bug fixes:

  • [MP1-4966] – Update Bass Nuget to 2.4.15
  • [MP1-4995] – Recorded-TV sort-by-duration not support sorting in the reverse direction
  • [MP1-5001] – YesNoDialog ignores the default control settings from the skin when the default button is not forced to Yes
  • [MP1-5005] – IRTrans – fix detection server status
  • [MP1-4781] – Adding madVR support – Bug fixes
  • [MP1-4841] – Duplicate filenames with different lettercasing
  • [MP1-5003] – Building TV Plugins – Improvement
  • [MP1-5008] – The problem with scrolling text in the “listcontrol” in 4K
  • [MP1-5010] – Add registry check for VS2008 Redistr installed or not in DeployTool
  • [MP1-5011] – No version string on FullScreen splash window (DefaultWide HD skin)

Since Pre-Release :

  • [MP1-5016] – Titan skin fixes and updates (1.25)
  • [MP1-5024] – GUIDialogExif crash if GUIImage control not defined in skin …
  • [MP1-5027] – Fix Exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException


  • [MP1-4990] – Improve horizontal scrolling in the EPG
  • [MP1-4991] – XmlTV plugin : Rename xml file from zip file to match to tvguide.xml

Improvement / Rework:

  • [MP1-4986] – MyPictures Database rework with extended EXIF ​​info. Wiki
  • [MP1-4988] – Add Control.IsVisible to skin function
  • [MP1-4992] – Allow other plugins reading the next PS wakeup time
  • [MP1-4994] – Automatically Change Channel on Program Reminder
  • [MP1-4996] – Recorded-radio sorting should be changed to be the same as recorded-TV sorting
  • [MP1-4998] – Update MediaInfo Wrapper
  • [MP1-4987] – Fix exceptions
  • [MP1-5002] – Code cleanup
  • [MP1-5004] – EPG Genre Map – SubSection moved as main Section
  • [MP1-5009] – Built-in skin variable not initialised
  • Language : English / Deutsch / French
  • Add some Tuning Parameters

Since Pre-Release :

  • [MP1-4987] – Fix exceptions
  • [MP1-5011] – Add position, size, align, color (from skin) to Version, CVS labels and fix displaying version label in 4K. Wiki
  • [MP1-5013] – VSYASM 1.2.0 provided as nuget package
  • [MP1-5014] – Log refresh rate at Mediaportal start
  • [MP1-5015] – Improving the MP1 installer (DeployTools), providing nicer GUI 🙂
  • [MP1-5017] – Grabber searches for covers in the language of the system, then in English
  • [MP1-5018] – Fix configuration design.
  • [MP1-5020] – DirectX 9 SDK (June 2010) provided as nuget package
  • [MP1-5021] – Libbluray (Jar ( bdj) and binary) provided as Nuget Package
  • [MP1-5022] – Improving the MPE Installer, providing nicer GUI 🙂
  • [MP1-5028] – Add Exif properties to Slide window. Wiki
  • [MP1-5029] – Add the ability to choose the type of pause for designers in the slideshow. Wiki

Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software.

Version number 1.25
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website MediaPortal
File size 225.00MB
License type GPL