Software update: MediaPortal 1.24

A new stable release from MediaPortal’s 1.x series has been released. With this program a Windows machine can be used as the heart of the multimedia hardware in the living room. This makes it easy to listen to radio and music, as well as watch videos and DVDs. TV programs can also be recorded. By means of plug-ins and extensions, the functionality can be expanded and the look & feel of the program can be adjusted. The most important changes from this release are listed below:

Bug fixes:

  • [MP1-4969] – Fix typo in MyMusic DB Index.
  • [MP1-4972] – Update MediaInfo Wrapper.
  • [MP1-4908] – Fix for source directory with spaces.
  • [MP1-4975] – Fix restore nuget from myget as priority.
  • [MP1-4977] – MatroskaTagInfo uses the wrong casing for tags.
  • [MP1-4970] – Update Titan skin 1.23+.
  • [MP1-4981] – Wrong sort order in some MusicViews.
  • [MP1-4982] – Remove hard stop when Caching Graphics not found folders.
  • [MP1-4976] – Built-in skin variables for current date.
  • [MP1-4978] – Some expressions did not take into account the negative sign of the result.

Since Pre-Release:

  • [MP1-4989] – Fix subtitle : read Lav splitter setting


  • [MP1-4971] – Codec name instead FileType in Music GUI in MIME View.
  • [MP1-4983] – TsWriter not processing channel’s extended name with more than one segment.

Improvement / Rework:

  • [MP1-4932] – dvr-ms and wtv file types are treated differently in myVideos.
  • [MP1-4968] – Log all exceptions.
  • [MP1-4979] – Remove Deprecated Kinopoisk grabber.
  • [MP1-4980] – Update MyVideo grabbers.
  • [MP1-4973] – Improve XMLTV EPG Grabber.
  • [MP1-4781] – Adding madVR support
  • Skin: Titan / DefaultWide (Logos for MediaInfo update).
  • Language : French / Swedish.

Since Pre-Release:

  • [MP1-4985] – Add FileType (flac, mp3, etc) as Default level in default Music Views (before Disc level)
  • [MP1-4993] – Updated tuning parameters

Along with the above items we kept consolidating our software. Notes: for use Bluray with BD-J support, please read the Wiki

You can review the complete change log for this release by using the link below:

Documentation of new features will be added to: Wiki – What’s New

Version number 1.24
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website MediaPortal
File size 224.00MB
License type GPL