Software Update: MediaMonkey 5.0.2

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Ventis Media has released version 5.0.2 of MediaMonkey. MediaMonkey is a media player with an extensive list possibilities† For example, it can play the most common audio files, can rip audio CDs to ogg, mp3, flac and wma, and tags can be edited or automatically picked from the internet. Furthermore, the program does not shy away from a collection of more than 50,000 files and can be synchronized with a portable music player.

The program is available in a free standard version and in a Gold version that costs just over $25 extra options features, including being able to create collections, automatically convert and level songs, and rip with Accurate. The changelog for this release looks like this:

Changes in version 5.0.2:

  • 0018165: Dialogs resize after switching between monitors
  • 0018696: Crash if Library update is closed
  • 0018685: MicroPlayer doesn’t work (regression)
  • 0017671: If MM4 and MM5 are installed, MM Portable installation imports settings from MM4
  • 0018691: Change “‘The %s player is turned off or inaccessible.'” from message dialog to toast message
  • 0018663: Deleting all lyrics fails
  • 0018689: ‘Eject CD after ripping’ and ‘Verify ripped tracks’ settings can’t be changed (regression 5.0.2)
  • 0018690: Crash when importing MM4 db (regression 5.0.2)
  • 0018122: Long Paths fail in Auto-Organize Files
  • 0017174: Issues with SDBApplication.Player getters and methods [COM]
  • 0018594: Crash 4E550000
  • 0011184: Add support for the DSD format
  • 0018368: Choose alternate should clarify it’s on Wikipedia –> MusicBrainz updates fail to propagate quickly
  • 0018595: Crash when lookup tracks after scan
  • 0018524: MM5 seems to have become confused and saved an (18mb) unrelated object to Folder.jpg file
  • 0018449: Enable skin options via info.json so skin developers don’t have to write code
  • 0018145: helpers/lyricsSearch.js breaks loops in arrays
  • 0018626: Player finishes only current track when returning from sleep
  • 0018093: File paused for 45 minutes on Chromecast does not resume playback
  • 0017359: Average album rating is missing in album grids
  • 0018609: Some users can’t run MM5 (until HW acceleration is disabled)
  • 0018622: MediaMonkey opens out of focus in some cases
  • 0018646: Background metadata lookup: Overwriting unsaved lyrics with new lyrics fails
  • 0018665: Some tracks contain placeholder lyrics
  • 0018671: Material Design skin description tweak
  • 0018543: Update strings for 5.0.2
  • 0018567: Auto-tag: ‘Lookup with fingerprint’ causes dropdown dialog to get ‘stuck’
  • 0018659: Main Window doesn’t display when MM is activated from the taskbar [regression 5.0.2]
  • 0018658: Contextual Search (YouTube): tracks not found / assertion failure (regression 5.0.2)
  • 0018441: Contextual Search doesn’t work consistently for tracks section in Browser view
  • 0018293: Removal of Filter returns to previous node instead of removing Filter
  • 0018286: Searching within a collection node is confusing
  • 0018650: List (by Album) doesn’t manage scroll height correctly
  • 0017583: MM Interferes with Automatically hidden taskbar [regression]
  • 0018525: MM5 should auto-switch to default skin when the current skin is removed
  • 0018649: Switching to tablet mode fails / crashes MM [regression]
  • 0018639: MediaMonkey generates an ever-growing Debug.log file (regression)
  • 0018641: Make installer delete Material Design (dark) skin
  • 0018652: Cancel in Properties > Artwork can result in crash (when the artwork list isn’t loaded yet)
  • 0018633: Some podcast feeds doesn’t show image
  • 0016992: Playback Loops, can’t be Paused/Stopped/Next
  • 0018619: iPod restored in the newest iTunes breaks compatibility with MM
  • 0017890: Lyrics Search: Found lyrics with Auto lyrics search is not propagated to track properties
  • 0018640: Auto-tag: tracks in the 2nd or subsequent batch aren’t grouped into albums
  • 0018644: USB sync: Needless re-uploading of tracks (when MMA is synced with more MM5 instances)
  • 0018624: Wrong handling of artworks saved in folder under Folders node
  • 0018436: Auto-Sync to PC folder selection not remembered
  • 0016977: Play status improvements
  • 0018623: Auto-tag stops working and subsequently crashes
  • 0018628: Shift+Character Hotkey also executes as character

Version number
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Ventis Media
File size


License type Freeware/Paid
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