Software update: MediaInfo 18.05

Version 18.05 of MediaInfo has been released. This program is meant to learn more about the properties of audio and video files. The program provides detailed information about the tags used codecs and containers . MediaInfo is available for Windows, Linux and macOS, and can be used with a graphical user interface or via the command line. The program can be adjusted to your own taste. Furthermore, there are extensive possibilities to export the collected information. When downloading, choose ‘without installer’, because the Windows installation files contain adware . The following changes and improvements have been made in this publication:New:

  • PBCore 2.1 export update, sponsored by WGBH as part of the NEH-funded PBCore Development and Preservation Project
  • TIFF: more IFDs are supported (density , software …)
  • NISO Z39.87 output


  • Mastering Display Color Primaries: was always showing BT.709 instead of real value, when present
  • Attachments: do not provide anymore attachments content in XML by default, fixes