Software update: Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 1.9.8

In July 2017, version 1.7.13 of Media Player Classic – Home Cinema was released and the developers indicated that they would not release any more new versions . However, the source code is open source and a developer known by the name clsid at the website Doom9 and himself involved with mpc-hc for a long time now releases new ‘unofficial’ versions from time to time. These only contain minor improvements and the latest version of the LAV Filters and MediaInfo is always included. The changelog for version 1.9.8 can be found below.


  • Updated LAV Filters to 0.74.1-75-gb1db4
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to 20.09

Changes / additions / improvements:

  • Duplicate hotkeys are now highlighted
  • Added support for using Ctrl / Alt / Shift modifiers for mouse actions
  • Added new default mouse action for seeking through video: Ctrl + Mouse wheel
  • You can customize hotkeys and mouse actions here: Options> Player> Keys
  • Improved parsing of (local) M3U playlist files
  • Streaming HLS M3U playlists are handled directly by LAV Splitter
  • Added new menu entry for changing playback speed: Menu> Play> Playback rate
  • Subtitle search on OpenSubtitles now also searches by file name if no match was found for file hash
  • Improved DVD region code bypass
  • “Launch files in fullscreen” option now only engages fullscreen for video files
  • Improved display of URLs in titlebar
  • Very long entries in recent file list are now shortened for better menu display
  • Added advanced options for displaying the current audio and subtitle language in statusbar
  • Improved support for external WebVTT subtitles


  • Fixed DVD playback speed and menu issues with internal audio renderer
  • Fixed issue where file could still be in use after closing it
  • Fixed subtitle search on Podnapisi for Portuguese Brazil language (language code “pob”)
  • Fixed rare issue with subtitle queue that could cause flickering / blinking subtitles
  • Fixed potential crash when taking screenshots with subtitles included
  • Fixed issue where clicking on seekbar could trigger two identical seek actions
  • A few other small fixes and improvements
Version number 1.9.8
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Doom9
File size 16.35MB
License type GPL