Download Media Player Classic – Home Cinema 1.9.16

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In July 2017, version 1.7.13 of Media Player Classic – Home Cinema was released and the developers indicated that they will continue no more new versions would bring out. However, the source code is open source, and a developer known as clsid at the Doom9 website and a long-time member of mpc-hc now releases new “unofficial” versions from time to time. These mainly contain small improvements and the latest versions of the LAV Filters and MediaInfo are always included. The changelog for version 1.9.16 can be found below.


  • Updated LAV Filters to version 0.75.1-4-gfaff6
  • Updated MediaInfo DLL to v21.09


  • Added advanced option to specify location of Youtube-DL executable.
  • Added support for yt-dlp.exe (fork of Youtube-DL).
  • Added advanced option to display video fourcc and resolution in status bar.
  • Added advanced option to display AB repeat marker values ​​in status bar.
  • When saving a favorite you can now also store the AB-repeat markers
  • Adjusting subtitle delay now also works with the external VSFilter/XySubFilter subtitle renderers.
  • Enabled processing of play/pause command when no media is loaded, but playlist is not empty. This now also allows resuming playback by pressing spacebar or clicking on the video area.
  • Clicking mouse middle button on the systray icon now toggles play/pause.
  • When the global after playback event is set to “play next file in folder”, the player will now close the current file when no next file is available. This allow the screensaver to activate.
  • Added a second WASAPI based internal audio renderer. The existing internal renderer has been renamed to SaneAR (its original name). Don’t ask what the difference is between the two. There is little difference in behavior and functionality.


  • Fix for running DVB scan not working in stopped state.
  • Several other small fixes.

Version number 1.9.16
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website doom9
File size


License type GPL
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