Software Update: MDaemon 13.5.2

Alt-N Technologies has released version 13.5.2 of MDaemon. MDaemon is a mail server for the Windows platform, with built-in antivirus and antispam capabilities. In addition, calendars, and address and task lists can be shared, and senders can be validated by means of DomainKeys or Sender ID. An overview of all possibilities is on this page to find. In version 13.5 Several improvements have been made to ActiveSync, groups and templates for accounts can now be created, and colors have been added to the log file for easier reading. Since then, the following changes have been made:

MDaemon 13.5.2

Special considerations

  • [11478] The way smart hosts are used has changed. In the past the smart host for a domain was only used when the routing option to send all mail to domain smart hosts was enabled. This prevented use of smart hosts for particular domains and standard direct delivery for others. Beginning with this version if a smart host is configured and enabled for a domain then that smart host will receive outbound mail regardless of any other settings in the software. So, now it is possible to specify and use smart hosts for some (and not necessarily all) of your domains. Please note that use of smart hosts had to be reset to OFF for all domains due to this change. So, if you want to enable smart hosts for one or more domains use the domain manager to do so.
  • [11356] The WebAdmin log rollover and storage options have changed. WebAdmin will now rollover its logs on the same schedule as MDaemon (F2 | Logging in the MDaemon GUI). Weekly and Monthly rollovers are no longer supported. Additionally, new installs starting with this release will have their WebAdmin logs stored in the same location as the MDaemon logs (MDaemonLogs by default). Lastly, the WebAdmin-specific logging options that remain have moved under the general Log Options menu in WebAdmin.

Changes and new features

  • [11382] POP/SMTP protocol command latency controls have been deprecated and removed from F2|Server Settings|Timeouts.
  • [11383] Moved message hop count setting from F2|Server Settings|Timeouts to Ctrl+Q|Retry Queue|Undeliverable Mail.
  • [11479] The POP-Before-SMTP settings have been removed from the Domain Manager’s Smart Host screen.
  • [11521] The ActiveSync server sends messages to clients in newest-first order.
  • [11261] Improved clarity of Security menu in WebAdmin when SecurityPlus is not installed.
  • [10534] WebAdmin now hides the BES logs section if BES has not been installed.
  • [11086] Moved the Gateway | Options “Access” section to the Gateway | Dequeue section in WebAdmin.
  • [11262] Updated the WebAdmin logging section’s menu style.
  • [11337] Added validation to WebAdmin’s ActiveSync Policy Editor.
  • [8319] WebAdmin now decodes UTF-8 subject headers in its mail folder views.
  • [11239] Several WebAdmin validation error messages are now translated.
  • [10862] Added date and time pickers to the WorldClient Mobile themes calendar and task editors.
  • [11208] Added several Options pages to the WorldClient Mobile theme.
  • [11540] The Calendar Statistics pane in WorldClient’s LookOut theme can be turned off by setting HideCalendarStats=Yes in WorldClient’s Domains.ini or a user’s User.ini.
  • [11109] Added Email Templates to WorldClient’s Simple and Standard themes.
  • [11672] WorldClient.exe is now Large Address Aware, allowing it to use up to 4 GB of RAM on a 64-bit OS.


  • [11559] fix to WebAdmin overwrites the language selected by the user with the HTTP Accept-Lanaguage of the browser
  • [10142] fix to the WorldClient Simple theme not populating the To address when clicking on a sender’s name in the message list to compose a message
  • [11402] fix to not being able to select an autocompleted email address in the WorldClient Mobile theme
  • [11459] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes calendar statistics showing time amounts as decimal numbers of hours rather than hours and minutes
  • [1958] fix to the WorldClient move/copy dialog in some themes may make folders appear as if they are subfolders of the wrong parent folder
  • [11070] fix to the LookOut theme logging users out when very large numbers of messages are moved
  • [9054] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme not unchecking the Unread advanced search field in the message list view
  • [11467] fix to formatting issue with accounts with a lot of mail in WebAdmin’s User’s Quota page
  • [8800] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes free/busy dialog not taking the start/end times from the calendar event editing dialog
  • [11524] fix to time of changed occurrences may be incorrect after accepting an invite in WorldClient from a user in a different timezone
  • [11548] fix to incorrectly translated text on WorldClient’s change password page
  • [11536] fix to ActiveSync server does not sync contacts that do not contain enough information to generate a FileAs value
  • [11558] fix to searching contacts in WorldClient using only an email domain name does not return any results
  • [11549] fix to account level autoresponder exceptions in WebAdmin only showing first address
  • [10114] fix to the HTML compose control may not work in Internet Explorer 10
  • [11483] fix to non-ASCII characters in messages may appear corrupted in some ActiveSync clients
  • [11593] fix to non-ASCII characters in HTML messages sent via some ActiveSync clients may be corrupted
  • [11597] fix to broken Outlook Connector download link in the emails MDaemon optionally generates after installing OC
  • [11564] fix to possible MDaemon UI crash at midnight after closing the composite log
  • [11502] fix to allowing the “MDaemon” account to be enabled for ActiveSync
  • [11580] fix to the WorldClient Mobile theme showing an incorrect page could when performing a search that returns multiple pages
  • [10375] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme showing a blank window when clicking on the Maximize button on the HTML signature editor
  • [11618] fix to WorldClient.exe does not automatically listen on port 80 when ActiveSync is enabled
  • [11546] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes autoresponder editor not allowing Chrome users to select a time
  • [11606] fix to accepted meetings are not synchronized to the server when using Outlook 2013 with ActiveSync
  • [11515] fix to the WorldClient Standard themes Contacts view having overlapped Edit and Delete buttons
  • [11613] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes ComAgent does not wrap long URLs or turn them into hyperlinks
  • [11642] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes ComAgent not showing emoticons
  • [7928] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme Mark as Read/Unread is not available in some folders
  • [11659] fix to ActiveSync policy names containing non-ASCII characters are corrupted when viewed in WebAdmin
  • [11647] fix to not being able to send read or delivery receipt requests when using Outlook 2013 with ActiveSync
  • [11607] fix to ComAgent’s “Show ComAgent window in Windows taskbar” option may not work correctly
  • [11662] fix to non-ASCII characters are corrupted in ComAgent reminder instant messages
  • [9750] fix to the WorldClient LookOut themes Shared Calendars list may not show the folder’s owner
  • [11666] fix to Content Filter’s regular expression searches being case sensitive
  • [11557] fix to ComAgent error when using Outlook as the traditional mail client
  • [11490] fix to not being able to change ComAgent’s skin more than once
  • [11601] fix to meeting invitations sent from ActiveSync clients may not be recognized by Outlook 2013
  • [11648] fix to ActiveSync server may generate malformed HTML when replying
  • [11652] fix to high/low message priority being reversed on ActiveSync clients
  • [11635] fix to BlackBerry 10 devices using ActiveSync cannot open large attachments
  • [11683] fix to MDaemon quarantines messages with an Outbreak Protection virus threat level of 1
  • [11628] fix to ComAgent contact synchronization with Outlook fails
  • [11681] fix to PIM items deleted on ActiveSync clients are not deleted from Outlook Connector
  • [9812] fix to Active Directory monitoring fails if the base entry DN is configured to bind to a specific object on a specific server
  • [11678] fix to Active Directory monitoring corrupts non-ASCII characters in public address books
  • [11728] fix to Active Directory monitoring does not create contacts in the public address book when the option to update the public address book is enabled but the option to create/update MDaemon accounts is disabled

MDaemon 13.5.1


  • [11512] fix to Content Filter corrupting messages that contain an attachment as the message body
  • [11463] fix to possible ActiveSync server crash when parsing malformed WBXML
  • [11537] fix to MDaemon’s Account Editor does not show the correct state of the “automatically decline meeting request” options
  • [9813] fix to the meeting organizer does not receive a response when a conflicting meeting request is automatically declined
  • [11493] fix to MDaemon UI crash when opening the Public Folder Manager if a folder name is too long
  • [11446] fix to MDaemon UI crash when entering long values ​​in the alias editor
  • [11487] fix to MDaemon may continuously retry failed connections to smart hosts
  • [11466] fix to the “Require IP persistence” option for WebAdmin is not honored
  • [11373] fix to WorldClient LookOut themes ComAgent pane closes when clicked in
  • [11472] fix to ComAgent group messaging does not work for users with accents in their names
  • [11470] fix to the WorldClient LookOut theme may redirect IE8 users to the Standard theme
  • [11526] fix to WorldClient may crash while performing auto-complete lookup
  • [11461] fix to invalid ActiveSync GAL search response when there are multiple results
  • [11518] fix to ActiveSync GAL search responses do not include additional contact details
  • [11484] fix to ActiveSync log level cannot be changed from “None” on a new install
  • [11495] fix to a bad contact may cause an ActiveSync device to sync contacts over and over
  • [11516] fix to migration process may break IMAP ACLs for certain group names
  • [11529] fix to possible ActiveSync server crash when a message send fails

Version number 13.5.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8
Website Alt-N Technologies
File size


License type Shareware