Software update: MBProbe 1.30 beta 15

MBProbe is a very small program that allows you to monitor your mamaplank (voltage, temperature and fan speed). You can program here to get. For NT and Win2k support you also have to this file to download. The list of changes from the previous version:

  • Supports new revision of VIA VT82C596B SMBus host.
  • Supports SMSC SLC90E66 SMBus host.
  • SMSC LPC47B27x super I/O support (fan readings on Intel OR840).
  • SMSC LPC47B37x, LPC47S42x super I/O support.
  • ITE IT8712F super I/O support (Gigabyte 6OXM7E).
  • Scan for SMSC super I/O made optional using “MotherboardType”.
  • Fixed typo in i82801BA (ICH2) SMBus host support.
  • VT82C686A hardware monitoring no longer force-enabled, was incompatible with Asus K7M (1.30 beta 7).
  • Fixed SMSC fan readings (i8x0 based Intel mobos).
  • Fixed SiS950, IT8712F negative voltages.
  • Removed FanTemp support.
  • New “MotherboardType” registry key- support for Asus CUSL2, FIC SD-11 and Intel D815EEA, VC820, OR840.
  • New voltage divider types- support for Tekram, Abit KA7.
  • Moved voltage divider, voltage order and temperature offset to new “Adjustment” tab.
  • Critical settings for voltages, individual temperatures and fans.
  • Ability to execute a program on critical event before suspend/shutdown.
  • Added note in FAQ about Abit BP6 voltage readings.
  • Supports BP6FSB mutex.
  • Renamed ‘General’ tab to ‘Info’ and move About dialog box to Properties.
  • Moved WinNT/2000 support files into a separate archive.
  • The same executable now supports all CPU types.

Version number 1.30 beta 15
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000
Website MBProbe