Software update: MaraDNS 1.1.59

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MaraDNS can, as the name suggests, set up a DNS. The program is written with the premise of creating a secure and compact DNS. For example, it uses its own library to prevent buffer overflows and does not run in a root account but as an unprivileged user. The developer has released version 1.1.59 in the unstable branch with the following changes:

Version 1.1.59:

  • Cygwin port fix: ipv6 not compiled in authonly mode on Cygwin (Cygwin doesn’t yet have ipv6)
  • Updated RPM-building spec file for the 1.1 branch of MaraDNS

Version 1.1.58:

  • Cleaned up the FreeBSD compile
  • Cleaned up the Cygwin compile; MaraDNS compiles on Cygwin again
  • Removed all warnings seen when compiling on Cygwin (Cygwin GCC is a little more pedantic than Linux GCC)
  • Updated the Mingw32 patch
  • Fixed issue with install script (see mailing list)

Version 1.1.57:

  • Partial port of MaraDNS to mingw32 (can you say maradns.exe) done.
  • Since doesn’t work on many systems, changing all loopback examples to use the IP address; also changing Askmara’s default server address to

Version 1.0.35:

  • Backport of 1.1.x fix of csv1 example in documentation
  • Backport of 1.1.x fix of MINFO RR description
  • Backport of 1.1.x security fix.

Version number 1.1.59
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris, UNIX
Website MaraDNS
File size


License type Prerequisites (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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