Software Update: Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware 1.38

Malwarebytes released version 1.38 of Anti-Malware on Wednesday. This program is the successor to RogueRemover. It can be compared to Lavasoft’s Ad-Aware; however, it does not focus on fighting spyware and adware, but on removing malicious software that pretends to be a bona fide antivirus or antispyware solution, but actually has less good intentions. As with Ad-Aware, there is a paid variant that offers additional functionality, including real-time protection. The changelog of this release shows the following changes:


  • Some proxy support, please see /proxy command line parameter.
  • New command line parameters: /logtofolder, /logtofile (see help file).


  • Minor issue with updating.
  • Certain types of freezing during full and quick scans.
  • Problem with Estonian language and installer.
  • Certain folders showing up as files in results list.
  • Scan time improperly displayed if Abort Scan clicked after Pause Scan.
  • Error during loading log files after database update.
  • Issues with freezing in protection mode. Certain conflicts with anti-virus software.

Version number 1.38
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista
Website Malwarebytes
File size 3.39MB
License type Freeware