Software Update: MacMAME 0.96

MAME, the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, is an open source project that makes it possible to emulate old arcade games and consoles. The software is being developed for DOS and Windows, but several ports exist to other platforms, including Linux, AmigaOS, OS/2, and the Xbox. Today we highlight the port for Mac OS X. This one is called MacMAME and, like its big brother, has arrived at version 0.96. The changelog for this release looks like this:

What’s New with this version of MacMAME?

  • Updated to match Win32 MAME 0.96.
  • Mouse handling should once again work normally when a dialog interrupts gameplay.
  • Fixed clone ROM handling in the audits to more accurately reflect their status when clone-specific ROMs aren’t found.
  • Long-dead option to not emulate FM sound has been removed.
  • The error logging function works again.
  • CHD “dif” files now have their own folder, away from the potentially read-only folder for CHD files themselves.
  • Updated chdman to the most recent code.
  • Long ROM names now display better in ROM audits. ” rel=”external”>Brad Oliver]
  • ROM audits now inform you if a missing ROM is part of a BIOS ROM set or shared with a parent ROM set.
  • Changing the name display to/from “descriptive” in the front-end now resorts the list properly.
  • Many fixes for the MAME core that mainly affect the Mac.
  • Fixed various compiler warnings under gcc.
  • Changes to better deal with MAME core changes.
  • MacMAME now defaults to using the OpenGL plugin and no interlaced blotting.
  • Fixed various compiler warnings under gcc.
  • Many fixes and improvements to the OpenGL blitter and other video-related things.
  • Overhauled joystick support. Joysticks are now mapped and configured directly inside MAME. You will probably need to remap your joystick controls with this version to work the way you want – no 2 joysticks are created equal.
  • Fixed “Move to Trash” contextual menu command.
  • More changes to better support localized versions of MacMAME.
  • Fixed loading of language and cheat files.
  • Warning dialogs from the MAME core no longer truncate after 255 characters – they can display quite a bit more information now.


Version number 0.96
Operating systems macOS
Website MacMAME
File size


License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)
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