Software update: Lunacy 9.6.0

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Lunacy is a free graphic design program for Windows, Linux and macOS. It has a large amount of baked-in content, such as icons, photos, masked images and illustrations. It is also able to open Sketch files and use Sketch plugins. The program is actively developed and Icons8 seems to listen carefully to the community. Version 9.6 has been released and it adds the option to store data in a cloud under your own management or a cloud hosted by Icons8.

Get your own Lunacy Cloud

For design teams who want to be sure about the safety of their data, Lunacy now offers two options: Private Cloud and Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Private Cloud

For companies with a strong focus on security.

How it works:

  • You deploy your personal Lunacy Cloud on a dedicated server within your corporate network.
  • You configure the teams and control who can edit or view certain documents.
  • You take full care of the server and backups.
  • Your administrator installs the updates after all the required checks.

What you get:

  • Total control over your design cloud.
  • Happy design and other teams enjoying the perks that cloud collaboration brings.
  • Happy security department since no data gets outside.

Virtual Private Server

This is for the teams that don't feel like sharing a common cloud with the rest of the world but aren't quite ready to manage their own servers.

How it works:

  • Our engineers deploy, configure, and update a copy of Lunacy Cloud for you on a virtual private server in any region or jurisdiction.
  • You configure the teams and control who can edit or view certain documents.
  • You make backups of your documents or delegate it to our engineers.
  • Our engineers assist you with any technical matters as needed.
  • Unlike users of privately hosted clouds, you can keep using built-in graphics and Lunacy's AI tools.

What you get:

  • Efficient design team working in a modern collaborative design editor.
  • Peace of mind about the security of your design data.
  • Confidence in the health and reliability of your design cloud.

Both solutions, Private Cloud and VPS, come with 24/7 priority support, a personal account manager, and priority feature requests.


  • Major rework of the font subsystem — improved performance and bug fixes.
  • Huge rework of color variables — improved performance and bug fixes.

Bug fixes

  • Some fixes for bugs found in autolayout.
  • Several critical fixes for the free format.

Version number 9.6.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, macOS, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Icons8
License type Freeware
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