Software Update: Linux Kernel 3.11

Version 3.11 of the Linux Kernel has been released and with a nod to Microsoft it is named Linux for Workgroups. The kernel is the heart of the operating system and, simply put, it sits as a layer between the hardware and the applications. New in version 3.11 include a more secure way to create temporary files, power management for AMD graphics cards, and support for some new file systems. Furthermore, it is better kept track of which page a task writes to and there is Zswap, a compressed swap cache. More information about the improvements in this release can be found at Kernel newbies and on our own front page.

Prominent features in Linux 3.11

  • New O_TMPFILE open(2) flag to reduce temporary file vulnerabilities
  • AMD Radeon experimental dynamic power management support
  • Experimental Luster filesystem client support
  • Preliminary support for NFS 4.2 and SELinux Labeled NFS
  • Detailed tracking of which pages a task writes
  • ARM huge page support, KVM and Xen support for ARM64
  • SYSV IPC message queue scalability improvements
  • Low latency network polling
  • Zswap: A compressed swap cache

Version number 3.11
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, Linux AMD64
Website Linux
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)