Software Update: LibreOffice 7.2.2

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The Document Foundation has released the second update to version 7.2 of LibreOffice. This open source office package originated as a fork of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for making scientific notations.

In version 7.2 Among other things, we find improved support for Microsoft Office files and performance improvements when opening and editing large files. Furthermore, there is now also a version for computers equipped with an Apple processor. Version 7.2.2 had two release candidates, with a total of 68 improvements.

Bugs fixed fixed in 7.2.2 rc1:

  • orz#37796 limit to numeric_limits::max
  • tdf#99492 cell background color ignored on all but the top grids of a vertically merged cell.
  • tdf#103612 ToC is never shown in Master Document if it is in ODT in a section with a hide condition
  • tdf#105689 Emoji toolbar button (bug 100100 emoji.json implementation) not functional on Windows
  • tdf#115547 Firebird: Link is formed to an external file with file:///C: (three slash)
  • tdf#116184 Date acceptance pattern can interfere with entering decimal numbers
  • tdf#117842 Firebird: Enabling connection pooling for firebird:sdbc driver crashes Libo when creating connection to data engine
  • tdf#120129 EDITING: LIST function in query creates additional characters in Windows10
  • tdf#123642 FILEOPEN | DOCX, Hyperlink in docx with bookmark target missing in LO.
  • tdf#125743 Writer no longer displays odt tdf#126126 LibreOffice can’t open ODT file with comment created in MS Word
  • tdf#126426 FILEOPEN DOCX Hyperlink in grouped shape not imported at all
  • tdf#128106 creating master document from *.odt breaks cross-references
  • tdf#133851 Help opens wrong for Certificate Path-Certificate.. dialog
  • tdf#137310 FILEOPEN: 3D object is not visible
  • tdf#138519 Graphing, axes limits for small numbers (GTK3)
  • tdf#139660 Paragraph panel alignment buttons should not be toggle buttons
  • tdf#140951 Base crashes as soon as I start an ‘Abfrage’ (Windows)
  • tdf#142129 Exported PDF of master document with hidden sections containing headings shows headings anyway
  • tdf#142295 Indistinct ‘savemodified’ in Colibre
  • tdf#142415 Using mouse click in a base to launch a macro from a cell in a table control does not work
  • tdf#142458 Dropdown in Navigator deck hidden behind scroll bar with panel at default size
  • tdf#142645 FILEOPEN PPTX Title slides text not converted to slide name
  • tdf#142881 FILESAVE XLSX Some rotated shapes are vertically flipped
  • tdf#143159 Box in navigation bar of form too short for values ​​greater than 9999
  • tdf#143384 SAXException:
  • tdf#143591 Image frame anchor changes from ‘to character’ to ‘to paragraph’ on DOCX export
  • tdf#143646 UI: Minimum size of the Chart sidebar creates a horizontal scrollbar
  • tdf#143777 Toolbars-Mail Merge->Exclude recipient is every times gray and without function
  • tdf#143813 Outline folding: copy, cut and paste don’t work anymore
  • tdf#144037 kf5: Unable to insert table from toolbar button
  • tdf#144059 [l10n] Language Tigrigna should be listed in CTL, not as Western
  • tdf#144085 (Spreadsheets) XUsedAreaCursor broken: the methods don’t accept formatted cells as used.
  • tdf#144106 FILEOPEN: LibreOffice crashes on opening CSV file with “Trim spaces” option enabled
  • tdf#144135 Calc causes repeatable fatal crash when I attempted to sort columns
  • tdf#144230 A query with GROUP BY returns results with random garbage appended to the end
  • tdf#144242 FILESAVE XLSX Line objects incorrectly saved after creation
  • tdf#144245 Unlike VBA, the ‘Key’ string parameter of the ‘Add’ method of the ‘Collection’ object, although case insensitive, is only for ANSII characters.
  • tdf#144249 Deleting 10,000 rows column in a spreadsheet: 15 sec with 4.1| 10 sec up to 300+ sec with 6.2| 130sec with 7.3
  • tdf#144253 Filtering does not work with formatted calculated values
  • tdf#144305 Ruby base text becomes invisible when ruby ​​alignment changed
  • tdf#144324 VIEWING Autofilter does not display calculated cell contents according to cell format
  • tdf#144340 A query against an embedded FB database fails, and then crashed program on close on Windows
  • tdf#144352 “Email merged document” dialog has overlapping elements
  • tdf#144376 Crash when triggering twice “Protected cells can not be modified” (reproducible)
  • tdf#144389 Assertion when launching query design (with Orca)
  • tdf#144412 Qt5/KF5 flips writing direction on Ctrl+Shift+p
  • tdf#144425 UI In Email merged document dialog it’s possible to select 0 as range
  • tdf#144427 MAILMERGE Save all documents no longer generates all documents if custom From-To values ​​were set
  • tdf#144457 Date Acceptance Pattern input field garbled
  • tdf#144483 UI Save merged document dialog should separate the range selector from the single/individual documents radio buttons
  • tdf#144523 Update Liberation fonts to 2.1.4 release
  • tdf#144564 CRASH When reloading mail merge documents
  • tdf#144598 Crash in: SkRect::round()
  • tdf#144620 UI: User entered email data lost when MM toolbar is open

Bugs fixed fixed in 7.2.2 rc2:

  • orz#39301 month has to be in range
  • orz#39304 short timestamp record
  • tdf#140992 Direct input through copy and paste to table is lost
  • tdf#142910 Standard filters involving “greater than” or “smaller than” (>, <, >=, <=) fail and hide everything
  • tdf#144122 Text with specific fonts (eg, Noto Sans CJK SC), at specific size, disappeared when page Grid Line is enabled
  • tdf#144139 LO crashes when trying to print a form
  • tdf#144184 Calc disables header/footer or looses footer content when saves a spreadsheet
  • tdf#144253 Filtering does not work with formatted calculated values
  • tdf#144305 Ruby base text becomes invisible when ruby ​​alignment changed
  • tdf#144585 button popups don’t open with KF5 VCL on Wayland
  • tdf#144729 Crash when trying to modify a style (gtk3 only)
  • tdf#144740 Criteria query (COUNTIF(), MATCH() et al) for numeric values ​​broken considering number formats
  • tdf#144783 SHIFT+ENTER doesn’t search anymore on find bar (GTK3)

Version number 7.2.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Document Foundation
file size


License type GPL
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