Software Update: LibreOffice 7.2.1

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The Document Foundation has released the first update to version 7.2 of LibreOffice. This open source office package originated as an offshoot of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for making scientific notations.

In version 7.2 Among other things, we find improved support for Microsoft Office files and performance improvements when opening and editing large files. Furthermore, there is now also a version for computers equipped with an Apple processor. Version 7.2.1 had two release candidates, with a total of 87 improvements.

Bugs fixed fixed in 7.2.1 rc1:

  • rhbz#1996735 [abrt] libreoffice-core: (anonymous namespace)::signalHandlerFunction(): soffice.bin killed by SIGABRT
  • tdf#64703 PRINTING: Problem with page break when autofilter is on
  • tdf#65535 Correcting a misspelled word with a comment in the middle erases the comment (see comment 38)
  • tdf#96561 Fails to import CSV file created with CsvHelper
  • tdf#99932 Anchor “to Character”: Anchor changes position to the document when zoom-in or out
  • tdf#102846 CSV import: very long loop in preview’s field detection
  • tdf#115520 Define Database Range shouldn’t close after having a false name
  • tdf#124983 EDITING Calc: After hiding a column, column breaks and row breaks are inserted
  • tdf#126926 Extra filter icon appears on deleting sheet columns
  • tdf#126961 Cannot link to macOS address book – crashes and restarts
  • tdf#127978 Navigator’s tooltip shows URI-encoded URL (with %%%) instead cyrillic path to file
  • tdf#128612 Area Style/Filling dropdown from Image toolbar doesn’t work
  • tdf#129270 Chapter Numbering of Heading 1 changes after setting Return, if Next Style is set to Heading 2
  • tdf#131771 TABLE STYLE: Table looses its style setting after cutting/copying and pasting
  • tdf#132696 FILEOPEN PPTX: some rectangular shapes are missing (SmartArt)
  • tdf#132739 HTML Document: Table borders disappear, because multiple style attributes are written within a single tag
  • tdf#134569 FILEOPEN DOCX Paragraph after nested table gets unexpected spacing
  • tdf#135164 FILEOPEN DOCX: Heading get bullets (because num with no symbol doesn’t block default style’s number everything?)
  • tdf#136610 Clone Button does not exist in LO Draw’s Tabbed Interface
  • tdf#137637 Object area for auto-layouts deselected after switching to Animation Sidebar deck
  • tdf#137737 REPLACE not working if there is a footnote or endnote anchor at end of paragraph
  • tdf#137742 Google Docs exports only (ambiguous) “en” language tag text attribute
  • tdf#138960 UI: The file could not be loaded! dialog appears when pressing enter in sidebar/navigatgor with a shape selected
  • tdf#139220 Regression: Selection of elements is very slow
  • tdf#139811 Sidebar Draw Properties deck -> Page -> Background ‘Gradient’ control needs additional height, the Insert Image dialog button is being clipped
  • tdf#141097 LibreOffice doesn’t close when opened through API on Sybase PowerBuilder
  • tdf#142003 FILEOPEN Tracked changes in .doc file footnotes shift to the right
  • tdf#142264 charts lost by calc export to xlsx
  • tdf#142351 FILEOPEN XLSX “Cross other axis” value not imported
  • tdf#142394 Slow drawing of semi-transparent large color object
  • tdf#142436 Linked background image is not read
  • tdf#142648 FILESAVE PPTX Creating hyperlink to a slide with shortened name results in invalid file
  • tdf#142817 UI jumps back to Misc effects after going to Entrance effect and selecting an effect
  • tdf#142845 Caret misplaced after Paste+Undo
  • tdf#142915 FILEOPEN PPTX Slideshow setting “Manual forwarding” not imported
  • tdf#143023 Forms: Event “When losing focus” in tablecontrol appears when receiving focus
  • tdf#143126 FILESAVE PPTX Start from setting is not saved
  • tdf#143129 FILESAVE PPTX Custom slideshow to use setting is not exported
  • tdf#143220 xlsx export: link to sheet not valid
  • tdf#143244 Redo of adding table rows breaks table style after cut/paste action
  • tdf#143295 DateAcceptancePattern is wrong in Korean.
  • tdf#143318 FILEOPEN DOCX Drag and drop change tracked move of table in Word imported incorrectly
  • tdf#143353
  • tdf#143357 FORMCONTROL: Min value, max value and default value dont allow direct input – nearly unusable
  • tdf#143499 Slow response in document with many headings
  • tdf#143515 Memory leak when clearing contents
  • tdf#143534 Crash in Calc NLP Solver when saving a document in Write.
  • tdf#143567 Area Style/Filling from Image toolbar doesn’t match with sidebar info for Area
  • tdf#143577 Crash on image delete with “Show outline-folding buttons”
  • tdf#143580 kf5: Combobox only shows entries after second click
  • tdf#143582 The return value of Basic function is not initialized when called by the invoke method
  • tdf#143583 FILEOPEN DOCX Ending empty paragraphs gone from footnotes
  • tdf#143605 Unnumbered Heading1 is numbered
  • tdf#143619 EDITING Validation circles move left/up on deleting a column/row
  • tdf#143624 FILESAVE PPTX Slideshow setting “Manual forwarding” is not saved
  • tdf#143633 Image size set to 0.04 cm after disabling relative image width
  • tdf#143664 sdf date time recognition fails for march (“Mär”) in German
  • tdf#143720 UI TOC – Assign Styles dialog contents does not resize with the dialog
  • tdf#143759 Inaccurate results when searching for empty cells with regex ^$
  • tdf#143769 Calc crashes if a background for a sketch is selected
  • tdf#143778 incorrect detection whether document changed
  • tdf#143785 EDITING Opening & closing a drawing shapes Position and Size dialog sets modified status
  • tdf#143795 UI problem in Draw Sidebar’s Page properties pane
  • tdf#143809 Err:502 in cells referencing named expressions after save-and-reload
  • tdf#143843 Crash in: weld::CustomWidgetController::SetPointer(PointerStyle)
  • tdf#143858 Outline numbering not showing any number, only the prefix/suffix
  • tdf#143860 FILESAVE DOCX non-primitive custom shape without handle is exported as rect
  • tdf#143895 Mysql MEDIUMINT data type but interpreted correctly by Base table definition
  • tdf#143896 FILESAVE XLSX 1001+ rows are lost after saving new file
  • tdf#143929 FILESAVE ODS Two column shape setting not saved
  • tdf#143957 Crash when switching transitions (kf5)
  • tdf#143959 PDF import do not take embedded fonts
  • tdf#143979 FORMATTING: Date format is mangled when file is closed and reopened
  • tdf#143990 Multilevel outline numbers not showing
  • tdf#144022 Calc crashed in Copy & Paste Special
  • tdf#144089 Find and Replace works incorrectly with regex “^.” and selection only

Bugs fixed fixed in 7.2.1 rc2:

  • tdf#36383 EDITING auto row height or change row height removes AutoFilter result
  • tdf#142214 Improve Calc’s auto-complete feature
  • tdf#143940 FILESAVE: add a new line in a large spreadsheet and save causes crash
  • tdf#144008 LO crashes when macro tries to start a form document in Base (kf5 only)
  • tdf#144084 FilePicker service does not display Open and Cancel button (gtk3 only)
  • tdf#144105 LO crashes during mail merge wizard when an address block is modified
  • tdf#144155 CALC Row operations over 100 times slower in 7.2 compared to 7.1
  • tdf#144183 Basic IDE hangs after several error messages
  • tdf#144209 Result with “Precision as shown” with custom string+General number format becomes 0
  • tdf#144289 OpenGL transitions not working with GTK3 VCL plugin
  • tdf#144319 Cannot load Formula-14 from ODT with LibreOffice 7.2.0, shown as OLE

Version number 7.2.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Document Foundation
File size


License type GPL
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