Software Update: LibreOffice 7.0.4

The Document Foundation has released version 7.0.4 of LibreOffice. This open source office package originated as an offshoot of OpenOffice and comes with the word processor Writer, spreadsheet program Calc, presentation program Impress, drawing program Draw, database program Base and Formula, an application for making scientific notations.

In version 7.0 Among other things, we find support for version 1.3 of the OpenDocument Format, the Skia graphics engine and Vulkan GPU hardware acceleration should provide improved performance and the compatibility with docx, xlsx and pptx files has been further improved. Version 7.0.4 had two release candidates, with a total of 114 improvements.

Bugs fixed in version 7.0.4 RC 1:

  • orz#26619 detect if SwFrameFormat deleted during import
  • orz#26676 null deref
  • orz#26708 direct-leak
  • orz#26753 avoid infinite regress
  • orz#26943 detect if FormatOfJustInsertedApo was deleted
  • orz#27756 null deref
  • rhbz#1891326 GNOME software cannot find the correct language pack required by LibreOffice
  • rhbz#1893846
  • rhbz#1900428 LibreOffice crashed on invalid row index used in StarBasic macro
  • tdf#35986 Parts of EMF file not visible/stretched to an enormous extent
  • tdf#91762 Inserting table has incorrect row heights
  • tdf#92315 Writer incorrectly renders EMF file representing molecule with text in it
  • tdf#98868 FILESAVE: crash if try save ODT file with track changes compared
  • tdf#103987 FILESAVE: DOCX Duplicated custom properties after roundtrip
  • tdf#104378 Chinese conversion problem
  • tdf#106613 UI: Sidebar navigator in Impress/Draw not updated immediately when page/slide is renamed
  • tdf#113163 FILEOPEN PPTX: EMF+ A color change to transparent on the image is missing on import (PPT OK)
  • tdf#114956 Calc – comment field does not increase dynamically during input
  • tdf#116214 Custom properties: value type is changed from Number to Text
  • tdf#116335 EMF is opened with large empty space around it
  • tdf#116622 Inserted EMF image is not cropped correctly
  • tdf#117643 Word search does not work in LibreOffice Writer if search term contains an apostrophe
  • tdf#121553 Editing: Firebird: Table editor erroneously prompts to change CLOB field to a BLOB field during alter table
  • tdf#121886 Firebird: Datatype Image(BLOB) is not working properly with Form or Report image controls.
  • tdf#126700 Untitled document remains open when have a default template
  • tdf#127047 Font Sizes Greater than 255 are Printed with Size 255
  • tdf#127086 PPT: FILESAVE: Crop image is gone after RT
  • tdf#127471 Copied calc diagram in gdi format looks ok under linux, but the fonts looks weird under windows.
  • tdf#127680 New Print dialog: impossible to only print even/odd pages from a range/selection
  • tdf#128135 UI GTK3: dialog Pivot Table Layout / properties is too high: section Source and Destination cannot be fully used
  • tdf#128213 FILESAVE PPTX roundtrip with z-rotated text produces additional shape rotation
  • tdf#128877 FILEOPEN DOCX: Image Location lost on Import
  • tdf#130314 Writer busy-locks in layouting CJK fonts (was: hangs while converting to pdf) – see comment #9 / #8
  • tdf#130596 FIREBIRD (internal): Parameter doesn’t work with COALESCE and numeric fieldtypes
  • tdf#130629 Crash in Writer when inserting shape again after undoing a previous insertion
  • tdf#131510 Old Replacement in german language
  • tdf#131679 Crash cutting a chart
  • tdf#131970 LO Create hyperlink → Jump to the correct field by keyboard with TAB?
  • tdf#132137 Styles: Default Style is too generic
  • tdf#132536 Memory usage increases after every file-reload
  • tdf#133630 CRASH: Chart: Changing properties in different objects
  • tdf#133771 When saving an encrypted document, unchecking ‘Save with password’ has no effect, encryption is kept
  • tdf#133950 UI EDITING Drawing a shape, the cursor is not precise (GTK3)
  • tdf#134161 CPU at 100% after opening a particular spreadsheet
  • tdf#134298 Picture overlaps page with content, so it is not readible anymore
  • tdf#135082 Print selection doesn’t print selection but whole page
  • tdf#135108 Err:540 when adding an external reference in a loaded document that so far had no linked externals
  • tdf#135202 LO and 7.0.1 fail with error 1045 when accessing MySQL database using native connector
  • tdf#135893 Image pasted twice when copy/pasting a caption frame with image after DOCX export
  • tdf#136336 LO Writer does not display footnote text on mouse hover for GTK 3
  • tdf#136453 Duplication of content after undo (spurious)
  • tdf#136555 StartCenter is inconsistent with dark theme(s)
  • tdf#136611 Crash: Change Corner Style on sidebar with selecting Data Series.
  • tdf#136962 Navigator content view flash (gen backend)
  • tdf#137085 RTF table is shifted left
  • tdf#137159 Harmonize UI in Options-LibreOffice-View when works a Skia black list
  • tdf#137181 Basic macro: CRASH when running a macro in Impress
  • tdf#137215 Hang after switching windows with cell selector open in Validity dialog
  • tdf#137329 White borders in Slide Show mode (F5) in Impress with SKIA
  • tdf#137397 Faulty Height value in Position and Size content panel in Properties deck in the sidebar in Calc
  • tdf#137403 Keys list box fills in customization keyboard tab page when focus is in Function list box and a key is pressed (Gtk3 only)
  • tdf#137520 Colibre: Some icons with text (like B, I, U, etc) are too big that make them unbalance with the rest of the icons
  • tdf#137532 EDITING: Font formatting lost after undo/redo
  • tdf#137556 Crash if I try to open the Print dialog in GTK3 3.18 only
  • tdf#137575 UI: Custom sorting state is lost when reopening the LibreOffice file picker dialog
  • tdf#137593 FILEOPEN DOCX Table paragraph gets unexpected spacing before if shape is anchored to it
  • tdf#137617 Incorrect operation Sheet -> Named Ranges and Expressions -> Create; with ExcelA1 and ExcelR1C1 syntax
  • tdf#137643 Can’t select font, no font dropdown list, if open MSO .doc in GTK3 only (gen and Skia OK)
  • tdf#137652 XDL import: missing empty combo box items
  • tdf#137660 Missing focus indicator for flat buttons (like in the start center) in KDE
  • tdf#137662 When combo box (and List box) from Base is located in a data sheet, it has to be clicked twice in order to be able to enter text
  • tdf#137698 FILEOPEN DOCX: rectangle position images positioned wrong on file open
  • tdf#137726 Message dialog during pivot table insertion not displayed, LO hangs
  • tdf#137754 Crash when applying styles in a table within Impress
  • tdf#137786 Crash swlo!SwNodeIndex::~SwNodeIndex+0x18
  • tdf#137801 LO base with Firebird: WARNING, when adding a field to a table with an old field type BLOB
  • tdf#137804 Qt5 printing (from Writer) crashes LibreOffice
  • tdf#137871 CRASH: applying different styles to different cells in table (GTK3)
  • tdf#137880 Installer picture has weird black lines
  • tdf#137897 FILESAVE: export xltx with encryption to ods doesn’t accept “no password” as OK-able option
  • tdf#137898 Page count is not reset to 1 in the print preview dialog
  • tdf#137908 Exceptions for auto correct disappear lost after restart
  • tdf#137949 IMPORT OOXML: Table row height is wrong.
  • tdf#137980 EDITING Moving shape with arrow keys makes it grow
  • tdf#137982 CRASH: closing table preview. mail merge
  • tdf#137993 Crash after closing one window and pressing enter in the other window with search bar focused (GTK3)
  • tdf#138000 RFE: Add menu icon to Writer’s Format > Text > Single Underline
  • tdf#138011 EDITING: row in table doesn’t grow while editing
  • tdf#138022 LibreOffice exits/crashes when minimizing start center after closing a document (SKIA)
  • tdf#138039 sw: frame in table cell layout incorrectly
  • tdf#138108 LO base with Firebird: crash during FORMS design, when entering Groups and exiting (gtk3 only?)
  • tdf#138113 Base: SQL Syntax Coloring Issue Problem Operators “/”, “-“
  • tdf#138131 UI: List Box form: List entries option is enabled by default (gen)
  • tdf#138148 IMPORT OOXML: Graphic bullet size is different.
  • tdf#138156 Border widget does not allow to keep settings
  • tdf#138183 Failed to copy and paste in calc
  • tdf#138187 URL opened twice when clicking UNO hyperlink control
  • tdf#138210 RTF document with a text frame can’t open in LibreOffice
  • tdf#138219 Libreoffice 7.0.x => Skia Vulkan – Intel HD Graphics 520 problems ( windows 7 SP1 )
  • tdf#138240 ODBC: Crash when trying to connect to Edit → Database → Properties (gtk3)
  • tdf#138253 Crash swlo!SwNodeIndex::~SwNodeIndex+0x18 (gen)
  • tdf#138271 FORMS: Some values ​​are not saved (gen)
  • tdf#138350 Wrong colors used in icon-themes/colibre/svx/res/frmsel*.png
  • tdf#138428 CRASH: Undoing paste after editing comment
  • tdf#138430 Bullets and Numbering toolbar dropdown list and dialog miss scroll bar

Bugs fixed in version 7.0.4 RC 2:

  • tdf#123621 FILEOPENS | DOCX, Rectangle with text moves in LO
  • tdf#134754 Crash on macOS 10.13 opening local HSQLDB-based odb file in Base on LibreOffice 7 rc1
  • tdf#135479 LO Complains about missing JDK when accessing any Java functionality, despite recognizing JDK on macOS under Preferences
  • tdf#136272 Corrupted calc file: invalid number format condition
  • tdf#137745 LO Base Firebird: crash, when deleting tables and changed relationship isn’t changed in database file
  • tdf#138130 Crash in: swlo.dll
  • tdf#138466 Crash when creating different scenarios ( steps in comment 4 )
  • tdf#138549 CRASH: Undoing comment hovering (steps in comment 11)
  • tdf#138612 LibreOffice not splitting table cells automatically for docx files

Version number 7.0.4
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Document Foundation
File size


License type GPL