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Version 5.1.3 of Krita has been released. Krita is a program for editing and creating digital drawings and 2D animations, and can handle both bitmap and vector graphics. The program was formerly part of Calligra Suite and is being developed by the KDE team, but also works fine under Gnome or XFCE. Downloads are available for Windows, Linux and macOS. More information about version 5.1 can be found at this page are being found; this is the announcement for this release:

Krita 5.1.3 Released

This is strictly a bug fix release, but we recommend updating to everyone. There are also performance improvements because we updated some of the libraries we use! Note that we have skipped 5.1.2 because of a last-minute bug fix (with the exception of Android, where we are still on 5.1.2 due to signing trouble, and thus bugs 461436 and 459510 are still at large. They will be fixed in the next version).


  • For our builds: updated to the latest LittleCMS release candidate for increased performance and correctness. A lot of other dependencies were updated as well.
  • Fix using the Global Menu in the Plasma desktop when using distribution packages. BUG:408015
  • JPEG-XL, HEIF: Fix import/export of HDR Alpha Channels. BUG:460380
  • JPEG-XL, HEIF: Fix clamping of normalized HDR values
  • JPEG XL, HEIF: Fix saving OOTF removal if it’s enabled
  • JPEG XL: Fix enabling HLG correction options
  • JPEG-XL: Work around linear profiles having an undefined transfer function
  • JPEG-XL: Optimize HDR export
  • JPEG-XL: Improve compatibility with the currently experimental JPEG-XL support in Chrome
  • Fix handling creating an image from clipboard when the clipboard is empty. BUG:459800
  • Fix loading CSV animation files
  • Fix paste outside of image boundaries. BUG:459111
  • Fix aliasing of brush tips at small brush sizes.
  • Fix issues with the Line tool. BUG:460461
  • Fix a crash on selecting and cutting/copying in a new document. BUG:457475BUG:460954
  • Android: fix long press producing a right click event
  • Android: handle touch events for Mirror decorations
  • Fix a crash in the pattern fill layer. BUG:459906
  • Fix foreground to background color switching of vector objects. BUG:458913
  • Fix several issues in TIFF file export. BUG:459840
  • Fix issues when changing color theme
  • Fix saving files with extreme aspect ratios. BUG:460624
  • Fix issues in the path selection tool
  • Implement right-click to undo adding a point for the polyline tool
  • Fix copy/paste with animated layers. BUG:457319, BUG:459763
  • Make it possible to import more than one bundle at a time
  • Make it possible to run Krita on Linux when SELinux is enabled. BUG:459490
  • Fix a crash on startup when there is a PSD file with layer styles in the recent files list. BUG:459512
  • Make it possible to run Python scripts if there is no paintable layer. BUG:459495
  • Fix the Ten Scripts plugin to actually remember the selected scripts. BUG:421231
  • Add an option to PNG export to convert to 8 bit on saving. BUG:459415
  • Fix artifacts when hovering over reference images in HiDPI mode. BUG:441216
  • Fix thumbnails for pass-through layers being created (they shouldn’t…) BUG:440960
  • Make the OpenGL workaround available for all platforms. BUG:401940
  • PSD: fix reading or layer blending ranges. BUG:459307
  • Fix a lot of small memory leaks
  • Fix copy-paste operation not working after using the move tool. BUG:458764
  • Show all loaded python plugins in the Help->System Info dialog
  • Show a busy cursor when saving a reference image set. BUG:427546
  • Add Document::setModified to the scripting API. BUG:425066
  • Fix a crash when trying to save an image with a fill layer. BUG:459252
  • Fix a crash when copy/paste a shape or fill layer or a selection mask. BUG:458115
  • Fix layer thumbnails when loading a 512×512 PSD file. BUG:458887
  • Fix a crash when trying to copy-paste the background layer. BUG:458890,458857,458248,458941
  • Don’t highlight a layer with a color label on mouse-over. BUG:459153
  • Fix creating numbered backups for files with names that contain [ and ]. BUG:445500
  • Add middle handles to perspective transform (patch by Carsten Hartenfels, thanks!)
  • Fix dab inaccuracy of Sharpness brushes when outline preview snapping is disabled. BUG:458361
  • Fix touchpad gestures on macOS. BUG:456446

Version number 5.1.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Android, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website Crita
License type Freeware
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