Software Update: Krita 4.2.0

Version 4.2 of Krita has been released. Krita is a program for editing and creating digital drawings, and can handle both bitmap and vector graphics. The program was previously part of Calligra Suite and is being developed by the KDE team, but also works fine under Gnome or XFCE. In addition, there are downloads for Windows and macOS. Version was a year in development and the list of changes is therefore long.

Krita 4.2.0 is Out!

Today we’re releasing Krita 4.2.0. This is a big release, with over a thousand bugs fixed and exciting new functionality like support for HDR displays.

New in Krita 4.2.0 is updated support for drawing tablets, support for HDR monitors on Windows, an improved color palette docker, scripting API for animation, color gamut masking, improved selection handling, much nicer handling of the interaction between opacity and flow and much, much, much more.Dive into the release notes for a full overview!

Version number 4.2.0
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Krita
File size


License type GPL