Software Update: Krita 2.8.1

An update for Krita version 2.8.0 has been released. Krita is a program for editing and creating digital drawings, and can handle both bitmap and verctor images. The program is part of Calligra Suite and is developed by the KDE team, but also works fine under Gnome or XFCE. There is also a download for Windows and a version for OS X is in development. Krita version 2.8.1 adds support for the Surface Pro 2, among other things, and mainly contains bug fixes.

Krita 2.8.1 Released

Hot on the heels of Krita 2.8.0, we’re releasing Krita 2.8.1! This release contains a lot of bug fixes and improved support for the Surface Pro 2 tablet on Windows.

  • Support for surface pro 2 on Windows
  • Fixed several memory leaks
  • Save single layer CMYK images correctly to PSD
  • BUG:331805 Do not let the selection grow bigger than the image on invert
  • BUG:329945: fix the unsharp mask filter
  • Fix tablet support on OSX
  • Fix convolution operations when the resulting alpha is 0
  • BUG:332022 Fix mirror mode in color smudge and filter ops
  • Make the warp tool handles less obtrusive
  • BUG:331758 Make the transform tool scale filter selector work
  • BUG:332070 Fix crash when selecting a template with stylus double-click
  • BUG:331950: set the document modified status when changing layer properties
  • BUG:331890: Fix loading of multi-layered PSD files, including 16 bit ones
  • BUG:331708: Fix crash in undo/redo of transformations
  • BUG:331759: improve performance of the OpenGL canvas in some cases
  • Make it possible to use the OpenGL canvas on more GPU/driver combinations
  • Fix crash in pixelize filter
  • Fix the emboss filter to apply to the whole image
  • Fix crash when loading an image that has a broken colorspace id
  • BUG:331702: Fix crash when loading a 16 bit/channel PSD image
  • Fix crash in the oil paint filter
  • Fix crash when applying a gradient
  • Fix crash when trying to create a selection in the artistic text tool
  • Fix not being able to add new canvas input shortcuts
  • Improve the crash reporter on Windows

Download Krita 2.8.1 for Windows from the Krita Studio website, or update on Linux using your package manager.

Krita 2.8.2 will contain the improved support for uc-logic/evdev based tablets on Linux.

Version number 2.8.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows Vista, Windows 8
Website Krita
File size


License type GPL