Software Update: KeePassXC 2.6.1

KeePass Password Safe is a well-known open source password manager that was originally developed for the Windows platform, but can later work on other platforms with the help of Mono. KeePassXC is being developed in C++ with Qt for the graphics part giving it a custom look on Linux, macOS and Windows. Allows accounts to be stored, including associated data, such as username, password, and url. All data is stored securely in an aes, twofish or ChaCha20 encrypted database. Furthermore, the program can automatically generate passwords and import and export lists. More information can be found at this page. The release notes for version 2.6.1 look like this:

KeePassXC 2.6.1 released

Today we are releasing the first 2.6 maintenance update. The update ships with a number of bug fixes and overall improvements. A large portion of the fixes concern platform-specific quirks with the new user interface and mainly target Linux distributions without a standard KDE or Gnome desktop. Fixes include a workaround for vanishing icons experienced by users of the qt5ct platform theme and wonky UI widgets on high-DPI screens with fractional scaling.

Notable additions in this release are a new menu entry for selective Auto-Type of usernames or passwords only, as well as an API for retrieving TOTP codes via the browser extension.


  • Add menu entries for auto-typing only username or only password [#4891]
  • Browser: Add command for retrieving current TOTP [#5278]
  • Improve man pages [#5010]
  • Linux: Support Xfce screen lock signals [#4971]
  • Linux: Add OARS metadata to AppStream markup [#5031]
  • SSH Agent: Substitute tilde with %USERPROFILE% on Windows [#5116]


  • Improve password generator UI and UX [#5129]
  • Do not prompt to restart if switching the theme back and forth [#5084]
  • Change actions for F1, F2, and F3 keys [#5082]
  • Skip referenced passwords in health check report [#5056]
  • Check system-wide Qt translations directory for downstream translations packaging [#5064]
  • macOS: Change password visibility toggle shortcut to Ctrl+H to avoid conflict with system shortcut [#5114]
  • Browser: Only display domain name in browser access confirm dialog to avoid overly wide window sizes [#5214]


  • Fix clipboard not being cleared when database is locked while timeout is still active [#5184]
  • Fix list of previous databases not being cleared in some cases [#5123]
  • Fix saving of non-data changes on database lock [#5210]
  • Fix search results banner theming [#5197]
  • Don’t enforce theme palette in Classic theme mode and add hover effect for buttons [#5122, #5267]
  • Fix label clipping in settings on high-DPI screens [#5227]
  • Fix excessive memory usage by icons on systems with high-DPI screens [#5266]
  • Fix crash if number of TOTP digits exceeds ten [#5106]
  • Fix slot detection when first YubiKey is configured on the second slot [#5004]
  • Prevent crash if focus widget gets deleted during saving [#5005]
  • Always show buttons for opening or saving attachments [#4956]
  • Update link to Auto-Type help [#5228]
  • Fix build errors with Ninja [#5121]
  • CLI: Fix db-info command wrongly labeled as db-show in usage listing [#5140]
  • Windows: Use Classic theme by default if high-contrast mode is on [#5191]
  • Linux: Add workaround for qt5ct bug, causing icons not to show up [#5011]
  • Linux: Correct high-DPI display by not allowing fractional scaling [#5185]
  • Browser: Consider subdomain and path when requesting only “best-matching credentials” [#4832]
  • SSH Agent: Always forget all keys on lock [#5115]

Version number 2.6.1
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website KeePassXC
File size 42.40MB
License type GPL