Software Update: Kdenlive 21.08.2

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Version 21.08.2 of Kdenlive has been released. Kdenlive, short for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor, is an advanced non-linear video editing program designed primarily for Linux, but also has versions for Windows, BSD, and macOS, although the latter is no longer actively developed. It uses several other open source projects, such as FFmpeg and the MLT video framework. The following changes and improvements have been made in this release:

Kdenlive 21.08.2 is out

The second release of the 21.08 series is out with a polishing galore throughout all Kdenlive components. Compositing highlights include added align parameters to the Composite interface, fixing line artifacts affecting the Slide composition, compositions display correctly on clips with same track transitions, Transform and Composite & Transform compositions adjust properly to frame size. Fade to Alpha effect is fixed. The Color picker now works properly when using multiple screens and the color display in the monitors is now accurate. Under the hood improvements include the crash detection and recovery system has been improved, fix Stabilize and Scene Detection jobs, removed noise when opening a project, don’t allow importing of project cache folders and always use UTF8 encoding when writing files.

full log

  • Fix remove space in all tracks with locked tracks. commit.
  • Fix spacer track sometimes not allowing to reduce space. commit.
  • Drop MLT’s composite transition for Slide transition. commit.
  • Remove broken “duplicate bin clip with timeremap” stuff that caused crash dropping playlists in timeline. commit. Bug fixes #441777
  • Fix color picker in multiscreen config. commit.
  • Fix monitor zoom affecting titler background frame. commit.
  • Ensure we always use UTF-8 enconding when writing files. commit.
  • Startup crash detection: make the check later so that we can also detect movit crash and propose to reset the config file. commit.
  • When editing / creating a render profile, focus the edited profile on save. commit.
  • Filter tasks: fix encoding issue breaking job (stabilize, motion tracker). commit.
  • Improve color accuracy of preview (backported from Shotcut). commit.
  • Fix fake rect parameter not updating monitor overlay (alhpashape, corners) when changing value in effect stack. commit.
  • Fix adjust to frame size option in transform/position & zoom compositions. commit.
  • Fix color picker incorrectly selecting a rect zone after first use. commit.
  • Fix compositions hidden when top clip had a same track transition. commit.
  • Fix same track transition erratic resize. commit.
  • Fix possible crash on incorrect active effect. commit.
  • Move avfilter_loudnorm.xml to the correct place (avfilter dir). commit.
  • Clear effect xmls by moving frei0r into a separate folder. commit.
  • Multitrack view: Fix scaling in some cases eg. with rotoscoping. commit.
  • “Composite” composition: add align parameters to UI. commit.
  • Don’t show time remapping dock by default. commit.
  • Ensure bin audio thumbnails are loaded on project open. commit.
  • Fix title widget background frame not showing up. commit.
  • Crop effect: use project resolution by default(solves proxy issue). commit. Bug fixes #408235
  • Fix bug and crash in keyframe apply value to selected keyframes. commit.
  • Fix fade to alpha broken with MLT-7. commit.
  • Fix “gpstext” effect default value. commit.
  • Update mask_start_frei0r_select0r.xml. commit.
  • Update CMakeLists.txt. commit.
  • Uploaded gpstext.xml. commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc. commit.
  • Update kdenliveeffectscategory.rc. commit.
  • Update mask_start_frei0r_select0r.xml. commit.
  • Update blacklisted_effects.txt. commit.
  • Hide mask_start (unusable as a standalone effect). commit.
  • Add a mask_start version of frei0r.select0r for secondary color. commit.
  • Fix crash when dropping audio/video only from monitor to bin. commit.
  • Fix undo effect change was restoring incorrect parameter. commit.
  • Fix scene detection job (should now work on Windows). commit.
  • Don’t allow importing a project cache folder (audio/video thumbs, proxy,…). commit.
  • Fix render name incorrectly kept in some cases after save as. commit.
  • Fix paste position when mouse is over subtitle track. commit.
  • Fix crash on pasting grouped subtitle. commit. Bug fixes #439524
  • Fix noise when setting producer (eg when opening a project). commit. Bug fixes #433847

Version number 21.08.2
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Linux, BSD, macOS, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11
Website kdenlive
License type GPL
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