Software Update: KDE Software Compilation 4.3.5

The KDE Software Compilation was provided with an update to version 4.3.5 on Tuesday, the fifth update for the version 4.3.0 that appeared at the beginning of August. KDE is a popular desktop environment developed primarily for Linux, FreeBSD, and Solaris, but there are versions for it as well Windows and Mac OS X. It comes with a standard desktop, including fifteen packages of applications, including a personal information manager, multimedia, administration and network management programs, and games. Version 4.3.5 is a so-called maintenance release and contains only updated translations and bug fixes. The most important are listed below in the release notes:

KDE SC 4.3.5 has a number of improvements:

  • A number of bugs in KIO have been squashed, making updating of shown directories work again and solving some other stability issues
  • A crash when creating an avatar from the webcam in Kopete has been fixed
  • kded taking 100% CPU time in certain situations has been cured

the changelog lists more, if not all improvements since KDE SC 4.3.4

Version number 4.3.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Linux, BSD, Solaris, Linux AMD64, Linux IA-64
Website K THE
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)