Software Update: jv16 PowerTools RC2

Achmeon writes, “Project X’s successor is out there: jv16 PowerTools. It’s not out of BETA yet, but it’s making good progress.”:

The package is not quite ready yet, as an installer is missing. It is also pointed out that use is at your own risk.

jv16 PowerTools is the next generation of RegCleaner. A full set of tools to keep your computer and your LAN up and running. jv16 PowerTools is basically the Tool to control your computer. Until now your computer might had been the one who is in charge, but with jv16 PowerTools you can take the control. The program contains all the tools needed for monitoring and cleaning the Registry and the file system. In addition to that, you can control all the computers in your LAN. What’s new? -Ability to create user defined shortcuts -Better documentation -New graphics -Many bugs fixed

Version numberRC2
Operating systemsWindows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP