Software update: jSunnyreports 2.0.8

Martin Kleinman has released an update of jSunnyreports after a long time. This free program, written in Java, can use the data that solar panel converters store in log files to generate a website on which consumption and efficiency are displayed in clear graphs. The program has support for 22 inverters from various manufacturers. In version 2.0, among other things, the user interface has completely changed and everything has become interactive. The release notes for this release can be found below.

jSunnyreports 2.0.8 released
I just released 2.0.8 which contains a few minor updates in the JSON engine. Some JSON files were invalid after creation and as a result the website would not work properly. Note: The invalid json files are not automatically fixed by this release, these files have to be overwritten manually.
Basically what I did was run locally on my laptop (copy from my server). After the first (long) run I copied all the json files back to my server.
Everyone who’s using 2.0.7 just update jsunnyreports.jar and you’re set.