Software Update: JkDefragGUI 1.07

Although Emiel Wiel Draaijer thought that version 1.06 of JkDefragGUI would be the last that would ever be released, he had to release a successor due to a small error. JkDefragGUI is intended as a user interface for Jeroen Kessels’ open source defragmenter JkDefrag. That program is only supplied as a DOS box, commandline or screensaver version. However, JkDefragGUI is more than just a graphical shell; it also adds functionality, including the ability to clean the hard drive before defragmenting, to schedule a defrag for a later date, and it also ensures that the latest versions of the various programs are always used. is going to be.

JkDefrag was recently succeeded by MyDefrag. JkDefragGUI cannot be used in combination with that version, but Emiel Wiel Draaijer is currently working on a version that can. This program will be called MyDefrag PowerGUI and here are already some screenshots to admire. Version 1.07 has been released to fix the following issue:

Changes in JkDefragGUI version 1.07:

  • Fixed transparency slider

Version number 1.07
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008
Website Emiel Wheelturner
File size 3.24MB
License type Freeware