Software update: Jellyfin 10.7.5

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Version 10.7.5 of Jellyfin has been released. This media server is a fork of Emby and was created after Emby became closed source and so-called premium features had to be paid, as is also the case with Plex. However, Jellyfin has remained completely open source and all functionality is present. It runs on Windows, macOS, Linux or in a Docker container. Furthermore there are clients for any OS, as well as for media players, TVs and mobile devices. Since version 10.7.1, the following changes and improvements have been made:

Jellyfin 10.7.5

Release Notes

  • [All] Fix broken profiles from 10.7.4

Jellyfin 10.7.4

Stable hotfix release for 10.7.z release branch.

Release Notes

  • [All] Fix broken playback and tests in 10.7.3

jellyfin [3]

  • #5970 [] Fix Linux Tests
  • #5969 Remove Required Attributes
  • #5968 Remove legacy apiclient generation

Jellyfin 10.7.3

Release Notes

  • [All] Small bug fixes
  • [All] Security advisory: Remove dangerous endpoints that allow unauthenticated enumeration and access to private HTTP resources. NOTE: This is an API breaking change. The major security risk outweights the issue of changing the endpoints. These were used only when fetching remote images.

jellyfin [18]

  • [SECURITY GHSA-rgjw-4fwc-9v96] Remove /Images/Remote API endpoint
  • #5943 Nullability handling for device profile classes
  • #5937 Remove extraneous ‘stream’ parameter
  • #5904 add UpdatePeopleAsync and add people to both tables
  • #5903 Leave SyncPlay group on session disconnect.
  • #5881 Add tvrage and imdb ids for episodes
  • #5878 Fix Audiobook Resume
  • #5873 Check for empty string when migrating displaypreferences
  • #5870 Fix TMDb Person Provider
  • #5863 use IF NOT EXISTS in migration
  • #5861 Change profile matching to match what the web interface says.
  • #5860 Fix notification disabled users list
  • #5859 Respect user settings for transcode and remux
  • #5852 Add Person to TypedBaseItems if it’s new
  • #5848 Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException scanning AudioBooks
  • #5826 PlayTo Fix: Use external ip not internal interface
  • #5808 Optimize the way items are grouped into collections

jellyfin-web [12]

Jellyfin 10.7.2

jellyfin [31]

  • #5782 Fix 10.7.2 nullable
  • #5769 Enable Workstation GC mode
  • #5764 Do not check permissions for Folders collectiontype
  • #5750 Fix setting audio stream in PlaybackInfo for jellyfin-web.
  • #5748 Set mediatype to Audio for playlists in a music library
  • #5747 Catch IOException and include stack trace when saving images
  • #5746 don’t die on dangling symlinks
  • #5736 fetching images should not kill the scanner
  • #5734 move IsPlayed to outerquery
  • #5725 Fixed issue with determining if a directory was a directory or file
  • #5717 make custompref value nullable
  • #5712 Keep plugin state after update.
  • #5702 add simple auth handling to websocketmanager
  • #5693 Probe result tweaks
  • #5688 Add SessionDiscoveryInfo to generated api-docs
  • #5672 ensure only valid images are saved in ItemImageProvider
  • #5671 set original title in tmdbmovieprovider
  • #5661 Return Major.Minor.Build instead of Major.Minor.Build.Revision for OpenAPI
  • #5634 make directory service cache case sensitive
  • #5631 Fix SessionController.SendMessageCommand Body Binding
  • #5629 Fix stream selection having no effect when casting to jellyfin-mpv-shim
  • #5624 Allow subtitle format to be set from query parameter.
  • #5621 enable range processing for download endpoints
  • #5620 Ignore ffmpeg input format for ISO files and fix input path protocol for ISOs
  • #5613 Improve responses to HEAD /audio//stream for Samsung DLNA renderers
  • #5600 Fix hls defaults for 10.7
  • #5596 Implemented DLNA exception handling
  • #5556 Add «resize to fill box» alternative for image endpoints
  • #5495 Fix remote access whitelist
  • #5416 Fix for multiple ip addresses on an interface which are in the same subnet.
  • #5385 Use XDocument.LoadAsync instead of XDocument.Parse
  • #5258 Include specials in the calculation for the “Next Up” episode

jellyfin-web [9]

Version number 10.7.5
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Android, Linux, macOS, iOS, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website jellyfin
License type GPL
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