Software Update: JAlbum 6.2

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Anyone who has ever tried to make a collection of images and photos available via HTML knows that keeping this collection up to date and displayed in an orderly manner is a tedious and time-consuming task. There are programs out there that can do this job for you and JAlbum is one of them. The big advantage of this program is that you can work with your own templates, HTML and CSS files, so that you can easily give it your own look. Version 6.2 has recently been shown off on the website with the following changelog:

Version 6.2:


    • You can now order prints straight from JAlbum albums using UK’s best rated printing service, PhotoBox. They deliver within a couple of days across Europe
    • New “Server mode” Tool added that enables JAlbum to automatically make albums as soon as a change to the file system is detected. This allows JAlbum to run as a server and update albums as soon as new images are uploaded under the image directory.
    • JAlbum now warns if unsaved changes has been made when quitting, loading projects or requesting new projects
    • The JAlbum title bar now also tells the name of the current project
    • Simplified use of the publish section by making JAlbum filter out leading and trailing spaces in connection properties and filter out “ftp://” from the server name field
    • Several translations updated. Thank you all translators!
    • Chameleon skin updated to v2.80. Thank you Laza!
    • BluPlusPlus skin updated to v3.80. Thank you Armond!

    bug fixes:

    • Skin hints wasn’t read on startup (old one)
    • JAlbum didn’t respect the style hint in the skin hints file (old one)
    • Printing warning dialogs could pop up even if run in console mode
    • The rootImageDirectory and rootAlbumDirectory variables weren’t properly initialized when running JAlbum Tools from the command line
    • Some images with damaged metadata structures could cause JAlbum to stop with this error: “Couldn’t find Exif id in APP1 segment” (since 6.1.5). Now JAlbum ignores such errors
    • The edit section wasn’t properly handling files containing characters that didn’t fit in the “System encoding”, for instance Chinese characters on an English Windows machine.

Version 6.1.6:


    • Original images are now never copied if “Link to scaled images” linking option is selected
    • The “Copy originals” checkbox is now shadowed properly when it is irrelevant to use it.
    • Portuguese translation updated
    • FAQ updated

    bug fixes:

    • Write protected images couldn’t be processed with the 6.1.5 release due to bug in new code to sense image orientation

Version 6.1.5:

    bug fixes:

    • Using the smart upload feature on some ftp servers and countries triggered an “Unparseable date” error (since v6.1)
    • Generated dead links between some slides if mixing directories and images in a directory (since v6.1)
    • Images taken with the Konica Minolta Dynax 5D wasn’t automatically oriented properly

Version number 6.2
Operating systems Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, macOS, OS/2, Solaris, UNIX, Windows Server 2003
Website JAlbum
License type GPL
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