Software Update: Intel SSD Toolbox 3.5.9

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Intel has released version 3.5.9 of its Solid State Drive Toolbox. With this program it is possible to manage an SSD from Intel. For example, it can provide information about the characteristics of the drive, run some diagnostic tests on the SSD and optimize performance. In addition, it is possible to update the firmware. The changelog for version 3.5.9 shows the following changes and improvements:

Version 3.5.9

This release of Intel SSD Toolbox includes update for the

  • Fixed progress bar image on the optimizer page in Russian language version.

Version 3.5.8

This release of Intel SSD Toolbox includes firmware update for the Intel SSD 545s Series products 1TB 2.5inch, for latest firmware revision LHF0B2C. This firmware version contains fix for the following issue:

  • Fixed firmware update configuration for SKU’s listed above that were missing in previous versions of Intel SSD Toolbox.

Version 3.5.7

This release of the Intel SSD Toolbox includes firmware update for the Intel SSD E 6100p Series products, for latest firmware revision 004E. These firmware versions contain the following enhancements:

  • Fixed PS4 power state transition issue causing system BSOD or system hang
  • Fixed intermittent system hang caused by pin based interrupt issue with shared resources
  • Improvements to enable NVM Subsystem Reset
  • Fixed unexpected power loss SMART reporting
  • Enhanced error logging for SSD failure analysis
  • Improved NAND refresh algorithms
  • Improved software full disk encryption time

Additionally, this release also includes support for Intel SSD 800p Series products.

Version number 3.5.9
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Intel
License type Freeware
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