Software Update: Insta360 Titan 1.0.29

Insta360 has new firmware for its Titancamera released, with version number 1.0.29. This is a professional 360-degree camera with a resolution of 7680×7680 pixels at 30fps for 10bit video. The camera contains eight f/3.2 fisheye lenses and four microphones arranged around a sphere approximately 23cm in diameter. The changes of this firmware update are described as follows:

Version 1.0.29

  • You can now shoot 11K3D/2D 360 photos with in-camera real time stitching. In addition, you can now shoot with dng+jpg, AEB, and Burst modes.
  • You can now shoot 11K 2D and 10K 3D 360 video with post processing stitching. In addition you can shoot 8K3D/2D 10 bit H265 360 video with post processing stitching and 4K3D/2D 360 video with in-camera real time stitching.
  • You can now livestream 4K3D/2D video with rtmp/rtmps,rtsp ,and hls protocols. Real-time output of HDMI pictures is also now supported.
  • You can now use FlowState Stabilization with Titan.
  • You can now shoot 11K5fps videos for Google Maps Street View.

Version number 1.0.29
Release status Final
Website Insta360
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)