Software Update: iGet 2.0.5

You can use the iGet program on the Mac OS X platform to exchange files. This program was written for Mac OS X and therefore contains a number of exclusive functions such as ‘remote Spotlight searching’ – searching through your own Mac for files that are on another Mac computer. The connections are provided with SSH security. There is also support for Finder labels, HFS metadata and ‘resource forkspresent. Five Speed ​​Software recently released version 2.0.5 of iGet with the following changes:

Version 2.0.5:

iGet 2.0.5 is the result of a packaging error on our part. For about thirty minutes on February 1, 2006, an incorrectly-built iGet 2.0.4 disk image was accidentally made available on our web server. This meant that although the file claimed to be the iGet 2.0.4 disk image, it was corrupt.

Because there is no reasonable way for users who have downloaded such a file to tell it apart from a corrected file, our company’s policy in this situation is to package and release a new version. Our apologies to the hundred or so users who downloaded the bogus 2.0.4 disk image before we were able to correct the error. All users should upgrade as normal to version 2.0.5.

iGet 2.0.5 Enhancements and Fixes:

  • None, except that it is guaranteed not to be the corrupt version of 2.0.4 that was accidentally distributed. (See the notes for 2.0.4 for more info on recent improvements.)

Version 2.0.4:

iGet 2.0.4 is a maintenance update which fixes several bugs. A potentially very annoying bug was introduced in the previous version, which could cause drag-and-drop between iGet and the Finder to stop working. iGet 2.0.4 corrects this, and addresses several other minor bugs as well.

iGet 2.0.4 Enhancements and Fixes:

  • Fixed a recent bug causing the Finder to reject drags from iGet (dragged files would just “bounce back” to iGet’s file window).
  • Fixed some minor issues which could cause incorrect text alignment in certain situations.
  • Eliminated yet more unnecessary log statements (hidden by their own little logging macro, aha!) which could annoyingly pollute the Console log without a good reason. (And, the responsible programmer was given a stern talking to, including finger-wagging and dessert-withholding).
  • Fixed an problem which, if a million monkeys performed an infinite number of random iGet remote Spotlight searches for eternity, might eat up much more memory than necessary.
  • Fixed an issue where the optional software update check might not react correctly until the second time it noticed a new version of iGet was available.

Version number 2.0.5
Operating systems macOS
Website Five Speed ​​Software
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License type Shareware