Software update: IBM Lotus Symphony 1.3

IBM’s Lotus Symphony office suite is based on and available for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows. The package currently consists of the Lotus Symphony Documents, Lotus Symphony Presentations and Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets components, which you can use to create text documents, presentations and spreadsheets respectively. The created documents are saved in the OpenDocument format by default, but can also be saved in other formats, such as those of Microsoft Office. The possibilities of the office package can be further expanded via plugins. IBM recently released version 1.3 of Lotus Symphony and provided it with the following abbreviated announcement and an extensive list of changes:

Lotus Symphony 1.3 is HERE

Lotus Symphony 1.3 is now available. We have many new and enhanced features in this release including the ability to open content created in Microsoft Office 2007. Check out this video to learn more about the new features.

What’s New in Symphony 1.3?

Functional enhancements:

  • Enabled Microsoft Office 2007 files import support.
  • Significant enhancements in DataPilot in spreadsheets, including show/hide field items panel, drill down to details, DataPilot cache support, and default styles.
  • Numbering enhancement in documents to improve interoperability with Microsoft Word.
  • Enabled Microsoft Office and IBM Lotus SmartSuite® password protection support for spreadsheets.
  • Enabled network URI access and hyperlink support that allows you to create network connection hyperlinks for URI protocols including FTP, MailTo, and SMB.
  • Enabled envelope support which allows you to create an envelope, set envelope properties, and set printing options.
  • Enabled Widgets Catalog server support.
  • Improved printing performance.
  • Enabled Sumproduct’s ForceArray formula support in spreadsheets.
  • Significant startup performance improvement on Mac OS X.

usability enhancements:

  • In presentations, page layout is more visible by locating the Properties sidebar in the right panel.
  • Provided better animation effects interoperability with Microsoft PowerPoint on font-relative effects, fade-exit effects, and multiple motion paths; and enabled the animation play at automatic page transitions.
  • Provided an automatic cursor in presentation screen shows as a default option.
  • Presentation pages can be deleted continuously without any prompt.
  • Provided new graphic bullets and clip art.
  • Provided enhanced color pallette in color picker.
  • Enhancements in live text.
  • Enabled support that allows you to open a file by dragging and dropping a file to the home page or the New.
  • A continuous improvement in mail merge into documents.
  • Default font is changed to Arial in presentations and documents.
  • Enlarged the pull-down list length upper limit to 20 items to make more options visible.
  • Enabled Ctrl+left Shift and Ctrl+right Shift hotkey support to switch BIDI layout.
  • Enhanced toolbar and main menu usability.

Programmability enhancements:

  • Provided rich Lotus Symphony document model APIs for Spreadsheets and Documents.

Online help enhancements:

  • Enhanced help content for spreadsheets, common, and preferences topics.

web site:

  • Added drag-to-install function in the Plugins section.
  • Added support for multiple downloads and enabled Atom feeds for clip art and templates in the Gallery section.
  • Expanded search function for the Forum.
  • Rotated announcements on the Home page.

Key Bug Fixes

Defects reported on the Symphony Forum:

  • A file which has been opened in other editors should be read-only when opened in Symphony.
  • Symphony Document often crashes when searching with words containing wild cards.
  • Measurement units in the sidebar are inconsistent with those in the property window.
  • SUMPRODUCT function doesn’t work as in Microsoft Excel.
  • INDIRECT function returns wrong value in Spreadsheet.
  • Charts should end with the last valid data entries in the range, rather than dropping down to zero for blank cells.
  • Items in the form Listbox get lost after saving.
  • Animations created by Symphony can not be recognized by
  • For files in RTF/DOC/ODT format, pages in Landscape are printed out in Portrait.
  • Encrypted document can’t be opened even with the correct password in Turkey OS.
  • Symphony fails to print a document with both Portrait and Landscape pages.
  • The email hyperlink cannot redirect to the mail system.
  • Symphony can’t save https protocol hyperlink.
  • The document created in WordPro and saved as Microsoft Binary File Format cannot be opened by Symphony.


  • The graphic animation of a presentation file fails when it is played in Windows and crashes under Linux.

Language Related Fixes:

  • There is translation issue of ‘Mail Merge’ in Symphony Simplified Chinese version.
  • Translation in the color panel is inaccurate.
  • VLOOKUP function results in wrong value in non-English version of Symphony but results a valid value in Microsoft Excel.

Lotus Symphony Documents:

  • Some check boxes duplicate when a Microsoft word 2002 document is opened in Symphony.
  • Font is rendered incorrectly when a Microsoft word 2002 document is opened in Symphony.
  • Header numbering is wrong with a Microsoft doc file opened in Symphony.
  • Some bullet lists are not rendered correctly when editing a Microsoft word document.
  • System is out of memory when trying to delete table column from a .doc document with Symphony.
  • Autoshapes are moved down when a Microsoft doc document is opened.
  • Characters within autoshapes are out of shapes when a Microsoft doc document is opened.
  • Headers are squished when a .doc file is opened in Symphony.
  • Symphony hangs when editing an odt file by selecting all the contents and changing their fonts to Arial.
  • Poor formatting appears when an odt file published on Sametime Unyte.
  • Title converts from horizontal to vertical when an odt document is saved to Microsoft word.
  • Table of Content is displayed incorrectly when a document is opened in Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • Any text box with rotation in one group will have some rendering issues when opened in Symphony.
  • Symphony crashes when switching list style from numbering to bullet.
  • Symphony hangs when opening an ODT file converted from Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • Symphony crashes when opening a document in 1.0 File Format.

Lotus Symphony Presentations:

  • Page view grays out when showing/hiding page.
  • List Numbering is rendered incorrectly when an Microsoft PowerPoint file is opened.
  • Shapes get distorted when saving odp files as Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • Text orientation changes when playing a presentation in Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • Symphony fails to open a file in Lotus 1-2-3 format with empty cells.
  • Bullet gets lost when a sample .odp file is opened.
  • A .odp file get corrupted and can’t be reopened after saved in Symphony.
  • Symphony fails to save modifications on a Microsoft PowerPoint file which contains the embossed effect font in most of the pages.
  • Symphony fails to open a sample Microsoft PowerPoint file which contains VB controls in the slide master.
  • Table objects of a presentation document still exist in its packaged files even if they are removed from the document.
  • Expand Page causes crash or intermittent result in Symphony.
  • Page Name can be duplicated when a page is renamed from the default name.
  • Some characters in picture overlap when opening a presentation in Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • The background color of textbox and picture is changed from transparent to another color background.
  • A graphic is wrongly attached with an extra picture in a Microsoft PowerPoint file.
  • Hyperlink color in Presentation is inconsistent with that in the Color Scheme preference.
  • The pasted page isn’t the copied one when copy a page from a ppt document to an odp document.
  • Text rendered incorrectly when a Microsoft PowerPoint file is opened in Symphony.
  • Symphony fails to change the hyperlink text color in Presentation.
  • Picture inside a presentation in Microsoft Binary File Format gets lost.
  • Presentation saved by Symphony cannot be opened when XML syntax error is found in styles.xml.
  • Grouped objects are not hidden as expected after an animation effect during playing a presentation.
  • Magnify animation effect is missing during playing a Microsoft PowerPoint file.
  • Dotted line is inconsistent with Powerpoint.
  • Many texts in Microsoft PowerPoint file are rendered incorrectly with Symphony.
  • Table borders in Presentation are not exported properly into PDF.
  • Warning message box will pop up when deleting slides in Page Thumbnails view.
  • Layout is incorrectly rendered when opening a presentation in Microsoft Binary File Format.
  • Picture is enlarged unnaturally in Presentation created on Mac.
  • UI turns out frozen for preparing its slide thumbnails when opening a presentation file with a large number of pages.
  • Open a large presentation, when page counter on the status bar stops, close the presentation, and Symphony crashes.
  • Some background colors in Symphony are inconsistent with those in Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Vertically mirrored graphics in a Microsoft Binary File Format are displayed incorrectly.
  • Content from Excel is truncated when copied to a Symphony Presentation.

Lotus Symphony Spreadsheets:

  • SUMIF returns error 504 for horizontal range.
  • Cell formatting conditions return wrong value when a cell value is compared with a constant character which isn’t enclosed in quotation marks.
  • Some formulas are wrongly rendered when opening an ods doc created in OO 3.0.
  • Split cells cannot keep original style of cell border.
  • Cell borders are displayed incorrectly after merging cells.
  • Track Changes option for a Microsoft Excel file has been turned off in Excel, but it is still on in Symphony.
  • Quick calculation item in status bar is in fixed width and can’t be adjusted.
  • Conditional formatting partially works when saving a spreadsheet in Microsoft Binary File Format as Open Document Format.
  • A Spreadsheet document can not be saved successfully after copy/paste some sheets within it.
  • Links can not be refreshed when the values ​​changed in an Excel file.
  • Chart is displayed incorrectly with a special data range when a Microsoft Excel file is imported.
  • The cell content splits up when a CSV file is imported into Symphony.
  • The content of the Spreadsheet cell is inaccurate when there are form controls in the cell and opened in Symphony.
  • Cell with only a space should be ignored as 0.
  • Error with formulas appears when an ODS file created with OO 3.0 is opened.


  • Graphics overlap when converting LWP file into HTML with Symphony API toolkit.

General usage:

  • Large SpoolFile is created when a presentation file is printed with Symphony.
  • Pasting text and table from Notes causes Symphony to hang.
  • Invalid values ​​would return when navigating the Preference dialog.
  • Search with “t” in Help doesn’t work as expected.
  • The content of “Name Object” in Help is missing.

Version number 1.3
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows 2000, Linux, Windows XP, macOS, Windows Vista
Website IBM
Download -search=Search
License type Conditions (GNU/BSD/etc.)

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