Software Update: HyperSnap 8.05.00

Hyperionics has released an update to HyperSnap version 8.00. With this program screenshots can be made of the entire screen, of a window or of a self-defined part of the screen. There is also an autoscroll function, with which screenshots can be taken of windows that are larger than the screen, for example of a web page. In addition, images can be edited. For example, arrows, circles and text can be applied. As of version 8.00, there are separate 32bit and 64bit downloads, and support for Windows XP has been dropped. The changelog for version 8.05.00 looks like this:

HyperSnap 8.05.00 released

  • New option under Image – Color Substitution, to replace pixel color if the original color does not match the source color. This would let you eg to convert all but red pixels on an image to white (or whatever you want)
  • Correction – copying an image of irregular shape or with transparent areas would turn into solid background color on the target image.

The following downloads are available:
Hyper Snap 8.05.00 (32 bit)
Hyper Snap 8.05.00 (64 bit)

Version number 8.05.00
Release status Final
Operating systems Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 10
Website Hyperionics
File sizes

11.40MB – 12.17MB

License type Shareware